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Location - Mediterranean; Capital - N/A; Population - 30,000; Currency - Pound Sterling

During my time working in the Costa del Sol in 1996, I popped over to Gibraltar for a day.


gibnoteThe Gibraltar Pound has the same value as the UK Pound










gib4The Rock of Gibraltar, as seen from the marina. The Rock contains a series of man-made tunnels used during the Great Siege of Gibraltar between 1779-1783, and also in World War II.



gib5To reach Gibraltar by land, cross the Spanish border (seen here), cut across the airport landing strip and head down Winston Churchill Avenue $600 Bonus



gib3A cannon on display at Casemates Square, a remnant of the Great Siege of Gibraltar between the British and Spanish. Originally the cannon would have been positioned on the Rock.














gib6Cloud hangs over the Rock of Gibraltar
















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