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Location - Mediterranean; Capital - N/A; Population - 30,000; Currency - Pound Sterling

Ferries run from Ceuta - a Spanish enclave in North Africa - to Algeciras, where buses carry on to the border town of La Linea. Walk across the border and then the airstrip, to the centre of this slice of Britain on the Mediterranean - October 2011.


Gibraltarnote1The Gibraltar Pound has the same value as the UK Pound










gib51A fantastic view - facing north - of the Rock of Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol stretching along the Mediterranean - Gibraltar



gib59The Straits of Gibraltar is a very busy shipping lane with boats plying the route between southern Europe and north Africa - Gibraltar





gib50The famous Barbary Apes can be found all over the rock, especially around the upper and middle cable car stations.
Besides humans, they are the only primates living freely in mainland Europe -














gib60Looking southwards, the east's sheer rock face contrasts with the green, gentler west slope. The landscape of Africa can be seen in the distance - Gibraltar









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gib75A steep walk up to Gibraltar's highest point (426m) leads to O'Hara's Battery, which houses a 9'2" gun from 1901 - Gibraltar



gib66Military tunnels underneath O'Hara's Battery - Gibraltar



gib69From O'Hara's Battery the Mediterranean Steps lead precariously down the rock's east slope - Gibraltar















gib70Peer down from O'Hara's Battery for a llok at Sandy Bay, on the east side of Gibraltar















gib64On a clear day the views from the upper rock are superb - Gibraltar



gib63You can see most of Gibraltar from the upper rock, including the 100-Ton Gun near Rosia Bay



gib49Barbary Macaques, often called Barbary Apes, are actually tailless monkeys rather than apes, originating from Morocco - Gibraltar















gib82Walk down from O'Hara's Battery to St Michael's Cave, a series of limestone caves millions of years old.
Due to the excellent acoustics the main cavern is used as a concert hall -

















gib88On the opposite side of the upper rock are the Great Siege Tunnels. These tunnels were originally excavated to defend Gibraltar from Spain and France during the Great Siege of 1779-83



gib90Cannons provided defence during the Great Siege - Gibraltar



gib45Take in the Spanish port of Algeciras and the Bay of Gibraltar from the Great Siege Tunnels. Gibraltar's airstrip juts out into the bay.















gib43An EasyJet plane (middle of photo) takes off from Gibraltar aiport
















gib39This marina is actually in La Linea, the Spanish town across the border from Gibraltar



gib40In the foreground is a cemetery (containing many war graves) followed by Gibraltar airport, the border and finally La Linea - Gibraltar


gib92A short walk downhill from the Siege Tunnels is a lookout at Princess Caroline's Battery - Gibraltar















gib94Close by is the City Under Siege exhibition, housed in what is thought to be one of the first buildings built by the British, in the early 18th century - Gibraltar















gib96Also in this area are the World War II Tunnels, where thousands lived and worked in preparation for an invasion. They could house all of the rock's 30,000 troops, a power station and a hospital - Gibraltar



gib100Continue on the road heading down to the town centre and you'll hit the remains of a Moorish castle, the 14th century Tower of Homage - Gibraltar



gib22The cable car is the easiest way to reach the upper rock but if you want to see all the sites on offer get your legs and walking shoes ready!
Minibus tours can ferry passengers around most sites - Gibraltar















gib106Taking the backstreets, alleyways and steps back down to the town centre - Gibraltar














gib117On the eastern side of the rock is Catalan Bay, with the whitewashed Caleta Hotel overlooking the beach at the end of the bay - Gibraltar



gib112The east side is much quieter than the heavily populated west - Gibraltar



gib109Facing south from the edge of Catalan Bay towards Sandy Bay - Gibraltar















gib118Facing the rock from Catalan Bay - Gibraltar















gib122There's many gates dotted around Gibraltar, this one being a pedestrian-only gate which is a shortcut to Casemates Square



gib128Casemates Square is the main square of Gibraltar and the centre of social activity



gib127Shops on the upper terrace overlooking Casemates Square - Gibraltar














gib125Several traditional British fish and chip restaurants, as well as pubs and bars, fill Casemates Square - Gibraltar















gib140Leading off the square is Main Street where most of the duty-free shops and day-tripping tourists are - Gibraltar



gib130The same street in the evening is a bit of a ghost town - Gibraltar



gib132The 14th century Moorish Baths - a Muslim bathhouse - lie underneath Gibraltar Museum - Gibraltar














gib131An ornately decorated building just off Bombhouse Lane, on the way to Gibraltar Museum - Gibraltar


















gib134The Catholic Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned, the main Catholic cathedral in Gibraltar, was originally a mosque



gib139Near the end of Main Street is the King's Chapel, and the Convent, the official residence of the Governor of Gibraltar - Gibraltar



gib150This site on Main Street, now the Gibraltar Law Courts, was the place where John Lennon and Yoko Ono got married on 20 March 1969 - Gibraltar














gib148John Mackintosh Square and the Parliament Building - Gibraltar















gib142A side street in Gibraltar's town centre



gib145Spot the cable car towers on the rock - Gibraltar



gib147The King's Bastion and Wellington Front fortifications formed part of Gibraltar's defences















gib169The second arch is the 18th century Prince Edward's Gate - Gibraltar

















Carrying on the 'Four Cultures' theme from Melilla and Ceuta, Gibraltar boasts five. In addition to the mosque (see further down) and cathedrals, it has a Hindu temple (left), Jehovah's Witness temple (centre) and several synagogues (right)



gib153There's plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants at Ocean Village, the complex at Marina Bay/Sheppard's Marina - Gibraltar



gib160Boats at Marina Bay, beneath the rock - Gibraltar



gib161Soft lighting at the Ocean Village complex - Gibraltar















gib33Queensway Bay Marina, as seen from the cable car, is a cut above the other marinas - Gibraltar














gib166The bars and restaurants of Queensway Bay Marina are stylish, with an absence of 'cheap pub grub', which meant I didn't eat here.. Actually it's not too expensive - Gibraltar



gib170St Andrew's Church of Scotland in Governor's Parade - Gibraltar



gib172Southport and Referendum Gates mark the end of Main Street - Gibraltar














gib178Just beyond the gates is Trafalgar Cemetery, where some of the British victims of the Battle of Trafalgar are buried - Gibraltar















gib175The Battle of Trafalgar was a sea battle in 1805 between Britain, led by Horatio Nelson, and the French & Spanish - Gibraltar



gib183The Botanical Gardens, next to the lower cable car station, contain a variety of flowers, plants and trees from around the world - Gibraltar



gib180The Sunken Garden displays the Gibraltar flag - Botanical Gardens, Gibraltar

















gib187A cable car descends past the Rock Hotel - Gibraltar















gib188Europa Road and the Botanical Gardens from the Rock Hotel, located on the lower slopes of the rock - Gibraltar



gib190There were some gorgeous sunsets from the Rock Hotel - Gibraltar



gib192The sun sets behind Algeciras, leaving the Bay of Gibraltar and Gibraltar Harbour aglow - Gibraltar















gib199Trinity Lighthouse is at Europa Point, the southernmost point of Gibraltar















gib204Also at Europa Point is the impressive Ibrahim al-Ibrahim Mosque, a gift from Saudi Arabian King Fahd - Gibraltar



gib207A residential area at Europa Point - Gibraltar



gib208Five minutes walk from the mosque is the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe - Gibraltar















gib211Heading back up north towards the 100-Ton Gun is Rosia Bay, said to be where HMS Victory docked with Admiral Nelson's body following the Battle of Trafalgar - Gibraltar














gib212The 100-Ton Gun was a 'supergun' installed in the late 19th century. There's another at Fort Rinella in Malta - Gibraltar



gib215Presumably a reference to the 2011 riots across England - Gibraltar




I can't think of many places where you hang around while a plane takes off. Left - the barriers are up; centre - the plane takes off; right - the barriers come down and we're on our merry way - Gibraltar



gib218Crossing Gibraltar's airstrip - Gibraltar















gib227The Rock of Gibraltar, as seen from the runway - Gibraltar















gib7Crossing the runway again, this time at night - Gibraltar



gib20Western Beach is next to the runway - Gibraltar




At the Gibraltar/Spain border - notice the EU, British and Gibraltar flags nearside, and the Spanish flag a few metres behind.
Between 1969 and 1982 General Franco ordered the closure of the border, following a 1967 referendum in Gibraltar in favour of retaining British sovereignty. In 2002 Gibraltarians rejected a proposal of joint sovereignty between UK and Spain.



gib9For good views of the rock go to La Linea on the Spanish side of the border - Gibraltar















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