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Location - Mediterranean Europe; Capital - Athens; Population - 12 million; Currency - Euro

I spent a couple of days in Athens on my way to Cyprus, and was surprised to find that I quite enjoyed it - April 2009


euroGreece joined the Eurozone in 2001










greece41Watching the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier outside the House of Parliament, Athens



greece42Parliament overlooks Syntagma Square, Athens $600 Bonus


greece45There's some fancy footwork going on at this ceremony - Athens















greece30Syntagma Square is at the heart of Athens



greece1Making my way to the funicular railway up Lykavittos Hill - Athens



greece2Taking the steps to the funicular - Athens
















greece10At the summit of Lykavittos Hill is St George's chapel - Athens


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greece13St George's chapel, Athens
















greece19Lykavittos Hill has an outdoor cafe where you can admire the superb 360° views of the city - Athens















greece27Just below the horizon to the right of the tree is the Acropolis - Athens




greece23A rather hazy view of the Acropolis and the Mediterranean - Athens















greece14It's possible to take a path to the top of Lykavittos Hill - Athens















greece29There's some buzzing cafes set in the various pedestrian-only sections of central Athens



greece48Kolokotroni Square is on the way to Omonia, on Stadiou, Athens



greece33The remaining columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, which was eventually completed in 132AD - Athens















greece36Hadrian's Arch was built in honour of Roman Emperor Hadrian in 131AD - Athens















greece40Close to Hadrian's Arch is this statue on the edge of the National Gardens, Athens



greece38The Acropolis looms large over Hadrian's Arch - Athens
















greece51Take a walk up Filopappou Hill for these views of the Acropolis - Athens















greece61Apparently the Theatre of Herodes Atticus is sometimes used for performances - Athens



greece63Theatre of Herodes Atticus - Athens



greece71The Erechtheion forms part of the Acropolis - Athens















greece76..but it's the Parthenon which is the Acropolis' most famous building - Athens















greece77The Parthenon was completed in 438BC - Acropolis, Athens



greece78The Acropolis was declared a World Heritage Monument in 1987 - Athens



greece79The Elgin Marbles were controversially removed from the Parthenon by Lord Elgin in 1801 and are on display at the British Museum in London - Athens















greece81There's a crane and major scaffolding along one side of the Parthenon, Athens
















greece75There's more fantastic views of Athens from the Acropolis



greece75aYou can just about make out St George's chapel sat on the top of Lykavittos Hill, Athens



greece86Looking straight down from the Acropolis, Athens
















greece64If there's not a human traffic jam at the Propylaea you can take this photo of the Ancient Agora.
Alternatively, get a bit closer and climb the rock outcrop on the left - Athens














greece87One of the main buildings of the Ancient Agora is the Temple of Hephaestus - Athens



greece88Temple of Hephaestus, Ancient Agora - Athens



greece84The Panathenaic Stadium (middle left) and the Temple of Olympian Zeus (bottom right) are visible from the Acropolis - Athens














greece85The Panathenaic Stadium hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 - Athens















greece90Across the train tracks from the Ancient Agora is a market area with many bars & restaurants - Athens



greece91Filipou Street, Athens



greece93The 1st century Tower of the Winds dominates the Roman Agora - Athens















greece94The Plaka district of Athens















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