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Location - Mediterranean Europe; Capital - Athens; Population - 12 million; Currency - Euro

I took another one way flight and about £100 looking for work in the Mediterranean, this time in Faliraki on the Greek island of Rhodes in the Summer of 1995.

I mention in my Spain section that when I go abroad to work, I completely forget to take any photos until a day or two before I leave (when everyone else has already flown home). In Greece I excelled myself - I took a grand total of one..


greenoteIn 1995 the Greek used the Drachma










euroIt now uses the Euro










lindosA great picture of the bay at Lindos - thanks to photographer Leah Neech for this one



gree5One of the alleyways of Lindos



gree3I went to Lindos to visit friends working there and managed to take this rather battered photo of the castle














gree4Looking at the old quarter of Rhodes Town.

Thanks to Paul Lawley for these 2 photos, otherwise this page would be rather empty..

Here's a link to Paul's band, Red Light Robots.













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