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Location - South America; Capital - Georgetown; Population - 800,000; Currency - Guyana Dollar MORE GUYANA

I returned to South America for 6 weeks to visit Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, in early 2004.


guynoteThe 20 Guyanese Dollar note shows a picture of Kaieteur Falls










guy1The first full day in Guyana was also the start of an overland trip from Georgetown to Kaieteur Falls - this photo was taken on the way



guy2Taking the car ferry over the Essequibo river with Christina and our Amerindian guide, Tony - Kaieteur Falls overland



guy5Taking a motorised pirogue down the Potaro river - Kaieteur Falls overland















guy6Waiting for another pirogue, after walking past a few rapids on the Potaro river - Kaieteur Falls overland















guy7Our bed for the night at Amatuk - Kaieteur Falls overland



guy9A great view of the Potaro river from Amatuk - Kaieteur Falls overland



guy10Amatuk Falls are a stone's throw from the tents - Kaieteur Falls overland















guy11A dredger searches for gold on the Potaro river - Kaieteur Falls overland



guy13A termite mound in the rainforest - Kaieteur Falls overland



guy14A beautiful morning on the Potaro river at Tukeit, the 3rd day of the Kaieteur Falls overland tour
















guy15Bath time at Tukeit - Kaieteur Falls overland



















guy16The early morning mist over the Potaro has yet to burn away - Tukeit, Kaieteur Falls overland



guy18The 3rd day was the start of the hike from Tukeit up to Kaieteur Falls - Kaieteur Falls overland



guy20One of our first views of the fantastic Kaieteur Falls, near the end of the 3rd day















guy22250 metre Kaieteur Falls plunges in to the Potaro river


















guy42At Kaieteur Falls Guesthouse with our boatsman and cook



guy21Kaieteur Falls



guy25The width of Kaieteur Falls is usually around 100 metres, dependent on the time of year
















guy26Looking towards Kaieteur Falls















guy28The Kaieteur gorge stretches into the distance from Kaieteur Falls



guy43At the top of Kaieteur Falls



guy36Looking down from the edge of Kaieteur Falls
















guy30 I wholeheartedly recommend the Kaieteur Falls overland trip, as long you're physically able.
Rainforest Tours are a very professional outfit.
Visit their website here



















guy31The Potaro river leads into Kaieteur Falls



guy33Getting drunk on rum at Kaieteur's airstrip



guy37The mining village of Menzie's Landing, a 15 minute walk from Kaieteur Falls















guy38Menzie's Landing, near Kaieteur Falls















guy45We flew back to Georgetown, then headed off to Bartica - this is a bird's eye view of Bartica from the plane



guy47The goat leads the way down Bartica's main street



guy52We took a boat from Bartica down the Mazaruni river to a few sights nearby















guy48A beach on the Mazaruni river, a short boat ride from Bartica















guy51Marshall Falls - also close to Bartica - doesn't look big but we walked through the water to a tiny cave behind



guy55The Demerara Harbour Bridge is the longest floating bridge in the world - it traverses the Demerara river
















guy55aThe flight from Georgetown to Paramaribo in Suriname - we pressed on to the French Guiana border















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