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Location - Caribbean; Capital - Port-au-Prince; Population - 10 million; Currency - Gourde

I spent a week at Cap Haitien in Haiti, travelling crammed into a truck from the Dajabon border.


haitnoteThe Gourde gets its name from the calabash husks used to carry water









hait1Cap Haitien city centre



hait2The handicrafts market area of Cap Haitien


An excellent documentary film about the slums of Port-au-Prince


hait3Cathedral at Place d'Armes, Cap Haitien














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hait5Labadie beach, a few kilometres from Cap Haitien



hait6Labadie beach



hait8At the bottom of hill leading to the Citadelle is the village of Milot















hait15Sans Souci, President Henri Christophe's palace, was completed in 1813















hait16Ruins surrounding Sans Souci palace



hait9On the 5 kilometre trail up the Pic la Ferriere to the Citadelle















hait10Washing clothes, the Citadelle trail














hait11My first look at the Citadelle - looks like a scene from Psycho (or is that just me?)



hait14The Citadelle fortress, again from Henri Christophe, was built in 1820 to repel a French invasion



hait12The views are stunning from the Citadelle















hait13Perched on the Citadelle walls
















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