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Location - Central America; Capital - Tegucigalpa; Population - 8 million; Currency - Lempira

My first port of call in Honduras, after crossing the El Salvador border at El Poy, was Santa Rosa de Copan in September 2001.


hondnoteLempira was a 16th century ruler of the indigenous Lenca people, and fought against the Spanish.
He appears on the 1 Lempira note, right









hond1Out for a stroll in Santa Rosa de Copan


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hond3The colonial town of Gracias, south east of Santa Rosa de Copan















hond4A walk to the outskirts of Gracias brought me to thermal baths set in the forest















hond5View of Copan Ruinas, another Spanish colonial town and base for visiting the Mayan ruins of Copan





hond6The Mayan ruins of Copan, dating mainly from 6th to 9th century
















hond7The 8th century Ball Court (Juego de Pelota) in Copan















hond9Stela B dates to 731 and shows Mayan King 18 Rabbit, Copan



hond10Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is Ix, the Mayan Wind God, Copan



hond14Nispero is a village close to Santa Barbara















hond15Tela beach, on the Caribbean coast



hond16The Tela river, Tela



hond19The 17th cenury El Castillo in Trujillo
















hond17Trujillo's beach, on the Caribbean coast















hond21Honduras' second city is San Pedro Sula



hond22I used Siguatepeque as a base to visit La Esperanza















hond24On Sundays La Esperanza hosts a Lenca Indian market



hond25Lenca Indian market at La Esperanza



hond27Lake Yojoa is between San Pedro Sula and Siguatapeque
















hond31On the shore of Lake Yojoa
















Resorts overlooking Lake Yojoa offer great views



hond34The trail towards Pulhapanzak falls



hond35The impressive 43 metre high Pulhapanzak falls are close to Lake Yojoa



hond37Pulhapanzak falls
















hond38Looking upstream at the Pulhapanzak falls




















hond42Tortilla sellers in Tegucigalpa



hond43Los Dolores church, Tegucigalpa



hond44Florists in Tegucigalpa
















hond45Valle de Angeles is a small colonial mining town near Tegucigalpa



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