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HUNGARY - Budapest

Location - Eastern Europe; Capital - Budapest; Population - 10 million; Currency - Hungarian Forint

The overnight train ride from Sighisoara in Romania to Budapest takes around 12 hours - April 2012.


HungarynoteA 1000 Forint note








hungary2As soon as I arrived I headed for Gellert Hill to take in the views of Budapest


hungary8At the top of Gellert Hill is the Liberty Monument, dedicated to the Soviet soldiers who died liberating Hungary in 1945 - Budapest


hungary7The Liberty Monument and Gellert Hill - Budapest













hungary18The climb is rewarded with fantastic views of the city: Buda on the left, the River Danube and Pest on the right - Budapest












hungary15The green domed roof belongs to the Royal Palace, situated on Castle Hill - Budapest


hungary20Just visible at the far end of the River Danube is Margaret Island - Budapest


hungary13Pest has plenty of hotels, shops, bars and restaurants - Budapest













hungary19To the right are the dome and spires of St Stephen's Basilica - Budapest













hungary26Looking back to Gellert Hill while crossing the Danube via Elizabeth Bridge - Budapest


hungary31The 19th century Great Synagogue is in the Jewish quarter of the city in Pest - Budapest


hungary34 Within the grounds of the Great Synagogue is a weeping willow sculpture known as the Memorial of the Hungarian Jewish Martyrs - Budapest












hungary35A chapel in St Stephen's Basilica is said to contain the mummified right hand of St Stephen - Budapest


hungary39Deak Ter is a central square in Pest where the metro lines link and many city as well as tour buses start and finish - Budapest


hungary67The much pilloried East German car the Trabant is parked in Memento Park - Budapest












hungary41Memento Park is a dumping ground for communist statues from the Soviet era.
This is a copy of the boots belonging to a massive Stalin statue pulled down in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution - Budapest












hungary49This huge Red Army soldier used to stand beneath the Victory Monument on Gellert Hill - Budapest


hungary52Memento Park is on the western outskirts of Budapest


hungary44Vladimir Ilyich Lenin sits in Memento Park - Budapest















hungary54The 1976 Workers' Movement Memorial - Budapest













hungary61The Republic of Councils Monument is a giant charging sailor built in 1969 - Budapest


hungary72Take the funicular railway (called the Siklo) or climb lots of steps to Fishermen's Bastion and the peak of Castle Hill in Buda - Budapest


hungary75A converted restaurant at Fishermen's Bastion - Budapest













hungary76There's a series of café-restaurants on the city walls at Fishermen's Bastion - Budapest












hungary78Behind Fishermen's Bastion is a statue of the first Hungarian king, St Stephen who's taking a look at Matthias Church - Budapest


hungary91The cobbled streets of Buda - Budapest


hungary98The construction of the Royal Palace, or Buda Castle, began in the 13th century - Budapest













hungary96Much of the medieval building was destroyed in the 17th century. Today's building is a 20th century reconstruction - Budapest













hungary69Opposite Castle Hill on the Danube riverfront is the mighty Parliament building - Budapest


hungary109A covered arcade close to the Szechenyi Chain Bridge river crossing - Budapest


hungary112Vaci Utca, a pedestrian zone in Pest, is loaded with bars, restaurants and shops - Budapest












hungary116Vaci Utca opens out into Vorosmarty Ter, a square with more open-air bars and restaurants - Budapest













hungary117It's a bustling area for both locals and tourists, with the emphasis on the latter - Budapest


hungary119A dusk view of the Royal Palace from Pest - Budapest


hungary120Szechenyi Baths are a famous thermal baths complex situated in City Park - Budapest













hungary122Thermal baths and pools, massage therapies, saunas and various treatments are on offer at Szechenyi Baths - Budapest












hungary123City Park has a boating lake (a skating rink in Winter) and a large recreational area - Budapest


hungary126In the centre of City Park is Vajdahunyad Castle - Budapest


hungary129Vajdahunyad Castle dates back to 1896 - Budapest













hungary138 Close by is Heroes' Square, where the original statue of Stalin stood (see earlier). Demonstrations against the communist regime often took place here - Budapest














hungary139Terror House was the headquarters of both the Hungarian Arrow Cross Party, allied to the Nazis, and subsequently the communist secret police, the AVH - Budapest


hungary142Terror House is now a museum dedicated to victims of dictatorial regimes - Budapest


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