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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Reykjavik; Population - 320,000; Currency - Iceland Krona MORE ICELAND

From Joklasel on the Vatnajokull glacier I continued to another section of Vatnajokull called Jokulsarlon lagoon, in August 2008.


icelandnote1000 Icelandic Krona










iceland122The stunning Jokulsarlon lagoon is a product of ice breaking away from Vatnajokull glacier


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iceland112We were very lucky to spot a seal out of the water - Jokulsarlon lagoon



iceland118Jokulsarlon lagoon has been the setting for scenes from James Bond films Die Another Day and A View to a Kill


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iceland114A warm period which began in 1920 caused melting of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacial tongue of Vatnajokull, resulting in the creation of Jokulsarlon lagoon.
The lagoon continues to grow as the glacier retreats.















iceland124There were many seals swimming in the Jokulsarlon lagoon



iceland108The edge of the glacier - Jokulsarlon lagoon



iceland120An iceberg floating on Jokulsarlon lagoon.
Only 10% of an iceberg appears above water, which gives an idea of their true size.


More about Jokulsarlon here













iceland99Jokulsarlon lagoon


A bit more on Vatnajokull glacier here













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iceland105Icebergs floating in the Jokulsarlon lagoon



iceland130For a closer view of Jokulsarlon lagoon take a boat trip


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iceland123Icebergs dwarf the boats on Jokulsarlon lagoon















iceland133Basalt columns surround Svartifoss waterfall in Skaftafell national park



iceland136Svartifoss waterfall - Skaftafell national park (foss means waterfall in Icelandic)



iceland151Walking towards the Skaftafellsjokull glacial tongue of Vatnajokull - Skaftafell national park















iceland153Rain and mist obscure an island next to Skaftafellsjokull - Skaftafell national park
















iceland159A great view of Skaftafellsjokull from the walking paths in Skaftafell national park



iceland162Skaftafellsjokull glacial tongue - Skaftafell national park



iceland157The volcanic landscape continues to the coast - Skaftafell national park















iceland150From Skaftafell it's easy to organise a walk on a nearby glacier - Svínafellsjökull glacier



iceland141Put on the crampons and have a great experience walking on the ice - Svínafellsjökull glacier



iceland138Svínafellsjökull is also a glacial tongue of Vatnajokull
















iceland142Svínafellsjökull glacier
















iceland146The black colour is due to debris being carried by the ice - Svínafellsjökull glacier



iceland147A crevasse in Svínafellsjökull glacier



iceland163On the way back from Skaftafell to Reykjavik the bus stopped off at Skogafoss waterfall in Skogar















iceland17060 metre high Skogafoss is another beautiful Icelandic site - Skogar


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iceland172Getting very wet at the base of Skogafoss - Skogar



iceland174The attraction of Seljalandsfoss is to walk behind the waterfall - you can just about see 2 or 3 people behind the water in this photo.


My YouTube video here

















iceland176Seljalandsfoss is a stop for some tour buses on the way to/from Reykjavik in southern Iceland



iceland179The Vikings set up the World's first parliament at Thingvellir national park in 930AD
















iceland181Thingvellir national park



















iceland185Thingvellir national park can be taken in on the Golden Circle tour which also includes Gullfoss and Geysir (below)



iceland195Geysir is the name given to a hot spring area an hour's drive from Reykjavik















iceland193Geysers around the world derive their name from Geysir (or Great Geysir), which can be seen above, steaming away in the background.
It erupts sporadically at heights up to 60 metres.














iceland199A far more reliable geyser is Strokkur, a few metres away, which spouts every 5 or 6 minutes, sending boiling water and steam up to 20 metres in the air - Geysir



iceland196The water bubbles and boils at Strokkur - Geysir



iceland198Every few minutes the Strokkur geyser erupts, spouting boiling water - Geysir


More on the Geysir area here and here














iceland205After an eruption much of the water pours back in - Strokkur, Geysir


My (sideways!) YouTube video here













iceland217Gullfoss (Golden Falls) is a magnificent 32 metre waterfall (11 metres followed by 21 metres).

My YouTube video here



iceland219Some tours only allow a 45 minute stop at Gullfoss which is nowhere near enough. Try staying overnight at Gullfoss or Geysir - if you've got your own transport then you're fine.



iceland230The Blue Lagoon is another famous Icelandic sight and conveniently close to Keflavik international airport















iceland232The geothermal water at the Blue Lagoon averages between 37 and 39°C


Official website here















iceland229The Blue Lagoon also provides a steam room, sauna, massage, cafe, bar, restaurant, shop - and more!



iceland238The Blue Lagoon is surrounded by volcanic lava



iceland245A cavern at the Blue Lagoon
















iceland248The steaming blue water of the Blue Lagoon, a great way to unwind to or from the airport (a 20 minute drive away)















iceland236Bridges link the alcoves of the Blue Lagoon



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