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Location - South East Asia; Capital - Jakarta; Population - 233 million; Currency - Rupiah MORE INDONESIA

A short ferry and bus ride from Sumatra and I was in Jakarta for Christmas 1999.


indonote1000 Indonesian Rupiahs










indo16The only place I saw a Komodo Dragon was at Jakarta Zoo



indo15Sailing ships at Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta $600 Bonus



indo17The old Dutch quarter of Kota, Jakarta
















indo19A hotel's welcome at Bandung




indo21The Javanese fishing village of Pangandaran















indo22Pangandaran's beach, on the Indian Ocean
















indo23View from the boat through the backwaters between Pangandaran and Yogyakarta



indo26Strange looking military parade in Yogyakarta















indo24The Kraton, the palace for the sultans of Yogyakarta
















indo25Palace guards wearing traditional costume in Yogyakarta's Kraton



indo27The bird market at Yogyakarta



indo28The 18th century Water Palace, Yogyakarta
















indo29The Water Palace, Yogyakarta
















indo30Millenium's Eve in Yogyakarta



indo31Herman, Danny, Sanky, me, Baukje, Maira and Laura celebrating the new Millenium, Yogyakarta



indo32More posing for the camera, Yogyakarta
















indo33An outdoor shadow puppet, or wayang kulit, performance of the Ramayana on the streets of Yogyakarta, Millenium's Eve. The show lasts for several hours















indo34Dancing in the streets on 1st January 2000, Yogyakarta. A restaurant was pumping out very loud cheesy dance music - fantastic!



indo35A must see is Borobudur, a 9th century Buddhist monument near Yogyakarta















indo36Buddhist statues at Borobudur
















indo37The perforated stupas of Borobudur temple



indo38Borobudur temple



indo39A Buddha statue sat amongst gargoyles which drain water, Borobudur















indo40aPrambanan is a 9th century Hindu temple complex, also close to Yogyakarta. At the centre is Shiva Temple, with Vishnu and Brahma temples on either side



indo41Vishnu temple, Prambanan



indo42Shiva temple, Prambanan
















indo43The Kraton at Solo (also known as Surakarta)



indo46A trip to see Mt Bromo is superb.
On the left is the active volcano Gunung Bromo which emerges from the vast Tengger crater















indo50Gunung Bromo volcano

















View of Tengger crater from the top of Gunung Bromo - you can just make out people at the base of the crater



indo51On the crater rim of Gunung Bromo



indo52Looking into the volcano, Gunung Bromo



indo47In 2004 Gunung Bromo erupted.
This photo courtesy of Reuters





















indo53Beautiful countryside at Probolinggo



indo54This looks like a field of cauliflowers but what do I know - Probolinggo




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