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Location - South East Asia; Capital - Jakarta; Population - 233 million; Currency - Rupiah MORE INDONESIA

From Mt Bromo I continued east and after another ferry ride arrived in Bali, in January 2000.


indonote1000 Indonesian Rupiahs










indo55Hotel grounds at Lovina



indo56Lovina beach on the north coast of Bali $600 Bonus



indo57The Water Palace at Tirtagangga















indo58The Water Palace, Tirtagangga
















indo60Rice terraces at Tirtagangga



indo61Lake Bratan at Bedugul, central Bali














indo62Preparing for the Balinese festival of Galungan, Ubud



indo70aBamboo poles, or penjors, decorate family houses for Galungan, Ubud



indo65Eating a banana at the Monkey Forest, Ubud
















indo64A Javanese family on holiday, Monkey Forest, Ubud















indo66The start of a cremation ceremony in Ubud



indo67The music starts, Ubud



indo68The men jostle for position as the cow, containing the deceased woman, is spun around with great gusto, Ubud














indo69The women offer gifts which are placed inside the cow, Ubud















indo70Cremation ceremony, Ubud



indo71Kuta beach and the Indian Ocean
















indo72Sunset at Kuta beach
















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