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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Rome; Population - 60 million; Currency - Euro MORE ITALY

After Monaco it was on to Genoa in north-west Italy, with a change of trains in Ventimiglia, in April 2010. Also scroll to the middle for photos of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.


euroItaly is part of the Euro zone










ital201Ventimiglia's old town lies across the river


ital224The Piazza de Ferrari is Genoa's central square















ital222The Carlo Felice Theatre lies in the background at the Piazza de Ferrari, Genoa















ital207Also surrounding the Piazza de Ferrari is the Palazzo della Borsa, the former stock exchange - Genoa


ital205The Piazza de Ferrari lies at the heart of Genoa














ital210Connecting Piazza de Ferrari to the port is Via San Lorenzo - Genoa















ital227Along Via San Lorenzo is the 12th century San Lorenzo Cathedral - Genoa


ital211I liked the deserted sidestreets sprawling through Genoa's old town, punctuated by the odd bar and restaurant


ital212Via XX Settembre is one of the main shopping streets in Genoa














ital215Genoa is the birthplace of 15th century explorer Christopher Columbus and this building, at Piazza Dante, was one of his childhood homes - Genoa



















ital221There's lots of bars and restaurants in the old town at Piazza delle Erbe - Genoa


ital220The streets of the centro storico (old town) - Genoa


ital231Genoa's old port, Porto Antico.
You can see the Bigo panoramic lift rising.















ital232The Porto Antico, Genoa

Porto Antico's website















ital233Also in the Porto Antico is the Biosphere - Genoa


ital235The Biosphere houses a rainforest ecosystem - Genoa


ital240Looking down on the Porto Antico from inside the Bigo panoramic lift - Genoa













ital241The Porto Antico was designed by architect Renzo Piano - Genoa













ital245The Porto Antico, plus window reflection - Genoa


ital242Genoa's waterfront and hills behind, from the panoramic lift


ital248Close to the Porto Antico is this replica ship - Genoa















ital249I think the (docked) ship was available for hire for functions - Genoa




















ital252The river Arno flows through the city of Pisa


ital261The most famous sight in Pisa is the Torre Pendente, or Leaning Tower of Pisa


ital262Construction of the Tower began in 1173 - Pisa















ital260Even just looking at the bottom of the Tower, the lean is pretty obvious - Pisa













ital258The top of the Leaning Tower is about 4 metres off perpendicular - Pisa


ital255The Leaning Tower, from the steps of the cathedral - Pisa


ital265The cathedral forms the centre of the Campo dei Miracoli (aka Piazza del Duomo) - Pisa















ital266Souvenir stalls line the edge of the Campo dei Miracoli - Pisa

Wikipedia entry, with links to the Tower, cathedral and cemetery

Pisa's website












ital270At the edge of the Campo dei Miracoli is the Camposanto cemetery - Pisa


ital271Climb the Leaning Tower's steps for sweeping views of Pisa. In the foreground is the cathedral, leading to the Battistero (Baptistery) - Pisa



ital278Looking down from the Leaning Tower - Pisa













ital279The Spanish Steps are always busy with tourists - Rome


ital290The café area of the Castel Sant'Angelo, built by Hadrian (the castle, not the cafe) - Rome


ital288Birthday boy in the Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome













ital291Looking out over Rome from the Castel Sant'Angelo.
Il Vittoriano is in the top left.














ital287St Peter's Basilica through a café window in Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome


ital293The atmospheric Trastevere quarter of Rome, loaded with bars, restaurants and cobbled streets



The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is classed as a sovereign entity, and issues stamps, passports and currency. It also has permanent observer status at the United Nations, though it does not possess any territory (presumably its offices in Rome do not constitute such).


ital281The Palazzo Malta is a building belonging to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta - Via dei Condotti, Rome

The Order's website













ital284The flag of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.
It was founded in Jerusalem around 1048 and became a society of knights who defended the Catholic faith. It then moved to Rhodes before arriving in Malta - Rome















ital285The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a sovereign subject of international law. The Order has its own government, an independent magistracy, diplomatic relations with over 100 countries and has Permanent Observer status at the United Nations - Rome


ital286The Order also has its own constitution, passports, stamps and mints its own coins known as the Scudo (1 Scudo = 0.24 Euro) - Rome


MilitaryOrderMaltanoteThree Scudi and Two Tari dated 1968, Sovereign Military Order of Malta


ital297I went in search of the Order's other building in Rome, on Aventine Hill, Rome. This isn't it.














ital302The presence of the Italian army indicated I was close. The soldier is standing outside the church found opposite the Villa Malta - Rome














ital298The Villa Malta hosts the embassy of the Order to the Holy See and also to Italy. I was wondering why so many people were fascinated with the keyhole - Rome


ital299And this is why. Well almost.. - Rome



ital304Through the keyhole of the Villa Malta. St Peter's Basilica through an arch of cypress trees - Rome














ital301The Sovereign Military Order of Malta - Rome















slovenia73Among other cities, the Order has an office in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia















End of Sovereign Military Order of Malta - back to Rome..

ital313Il Vittoriano is a colossal marble monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of a unifed Italy - Rome


ital296The Colosseum looks fantastic at night - Rome


ital307Piazza Navona is a very grand square that contains three famous fountains - Rome














ital309Christina being serenaded by a saxophonist - Rome


















ital310This guy was really good - Rome


ital311The courtyard of the 15th century palazzo that hosts the National Roman Museum - Rome


ital312Piazza Campo de'Fiori is another busy square in central Rome















ital314Out of the train station (pictured) and on to a coach to San Marino - Rimini



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