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Location - Middle East; Capital - Amman; Population - 6 million; Currency - Jordan Dinar

During my time working in Eilat, Israel in 1995, I managed to get a week off to go to Jordan with friends from the kibbutz in Ga'aton.


jornoteHalf a Jordanian Dinar









jor8Petra, the magnificent ancient city in Southern Jordan, was built over the 6th to the 1st centuries BC by the Nabateans. The Romans then built on and expanded it $600 Bonus



jor7Relaxing at Petra















jor10I'm not sure if these guys are Jordanian army, police or just security - Petra
















jor11At the High Place of Sacrifice, Petra, with Michael. The views down below are superb



jor12The central area of Petra, with the colonnaded street in the background



jor13The huge Monastery (Al-Deir), Petra
















jor15I'm lying on the top of the Monastery, Petra - that's close enough to the edge for me..















jor16This photo gives an idea of size - at the entrance to the Monastery with Sine and Michael, Petra



jor18Returning from the Monastery, Petra



jor6The Treasury (al-Khazneh) - the first temple seen after the walk through the narrow gorge, Petra.

I took this too early in the morning when the light was bad
















jor19The beautiful desert scenery of Wadi Rum, made famous by T E Lawrence



jor20Natural rock formations at Wadi Rum - this one is known as the bridge



jor21These were taken on a 4 wheel drive through Wadi Rum















jor22 Wadi Rum - An explosion very early morning woke everyone up, the ground moving violently.

People were running around like headless chickens.
I followed suit, then realised that I wasn't going anywhere, so took my camera out.
It was an earthquake which struck Israel, Jordan and Egypt, measuring between 4.7 to 7.2
The desert was the ideal place to be!










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