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Location - Middle East; Capital - Amman; Population - 6 million; Currency - Jordan Dinar

Flights to Jordan and Sudan were hastily arranged after my Eritrean visa failed to materialise. A few hours after landing and we were off to the Dead Sea - November 2012. MORE JORDAN


jordannote1The Jordanian Dinar









jordan26Caking myself in black mud before having a dip at the Amman Beach Resort - Dead Sea


jordan21At 423m below sea level the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth - Dead Sea


deadseanoticeQuality advice at the Amman Beach Resort


jordan24The extremely high salinity means you'll float. And you'll also discover cuts you never knew you had! Dead Sea














jordan16The Amman Beach Resort is one of several on the Dead Sea coast, this one being near Madaba














jordan6A souvenir shop at Madaba



jordan2Madaba is known for the 6th century mosaic of Palestine housed at St George's Church


jordan7Pictures of King Abdullah II, son of the late King Hussein, are everywhere - Madaba















jordan9A few kms from Madaba is Mt Nebo, the site where Moses saw the Promised Land. Unfortunately it was too hazy to witness the same..


jordan10An ancient mosaic at the site of Mt Nebo


jordan28King Abdullah Mosque was built by King Hussein as a memorial to his father Abdullah I - Amman














jordan30Order a coffee from your taxi and they'll deliver it to your seat - Amman















jordan33The ancient Citadel is built on Jebel al-Qala'a in downtown Amman


jordan34And there's excellent 360° views from the hilltop - Amman



jordan36The 8th century Umayyad Palace stands beyond the stone columns - Amman














jordan38A stone-carved hand lies near the Temple of Hercules - Amman













jordan37The Temple of Hercules is a Roman ruin dating to the 3rd century AD under the reign of Marcus Aurelius - Amman


jordan46From the Citadel look down on downtown Amman and the Roman Theatre


jordan48The 2nd century AD amphitheatre occasionally hosts events during the Summer - Amman














jordan51A colourful column on the walk down from the Citadel - Amman

















jordan53Al-Husseiny Mosque is in the heart of a shopping district in downtown Amman


jordan56A magnificent view of Aqaba and the Red Sea from the hotel














jordan58And a similar view at dusk, with Sherif al-Hussein bin Ali Mosque taking centre stage -Aqaba














jordan61The mosque's dome - Aqaba



jordan64Laze away the days at the public beach - Aqaba


jordan66The Gulf of Aqaba. Or in other words the Red Sea - Aqaba














jordan70There's plenty of glass-bottomed boats, windsurfing, jet-skiing etc to fill your time - Aqaba














jordan79The Gulf of Aqaba is the site of the meeting of three countries - the Egyptian Sinai (left, out of picture) and here the Israeli resort of Eilat - Aqaba


jordan74Set back from the beach are fruit and vegetable gardens - Aqaba



jordan77Mint, lime juice and loads of sugar is a gorgeous drink - Aqaba














jordan86King Abdullah II with his son on the left - Aqaba















jordan87Locals engrossed in football drink tea and coffee - Aqaba


jordan88In case you were thinking about it - Aqaba



jordan89The 16th century Aqaba Fort - Aqaba















jordan62A last look at the impressive mosque from the hotel room -Aqaba














jordan80The Coral Bay Resort forms part of the Royal Diving Club about 20km from Aqaba


jordan83If you're not diving you can still use the beach facilities for a fee - Aqaba



jordan84Coral Bay Resort - Aqaba















jordan85The Egyptian Sinai lies directly opposite - Aqaba















A trip to the stomping ground of Lawrence of Arabia of Wadi Rum is worthwhile if you're in the south


These two photos are from my first trip to Jordan back in the 90s but included here for the sake of completeness - Wadi Rum



jordan239And no visit to Jordan is complete without a visit to Petra, using the town of Wadi Musa as a base














jordan250Less visited is Siq al-Barid, popularly known as Little Petra and less than 10km from its famous neighbour



jordan260Climb the steps at the end of the siq (canyon) and take in some lovely scenery - Little Petra



jordan262The Painted House contains a colourful fresco - Little Petra















jordan264Try seeing Little Petra before Petra to get a taste of what's to come















jordan265Little Petra is thought to have been used as a trading post to supply Petra



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