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Location - Middle East; Capital - Beirut; Population - 4 million; Currency - Lebanon Lira

Lebanon was the first destination on my 9 month Asia overland trip, landing in Beirut in May 1999.


lebnote1000 Lebanese Lira, showing the ruins of Baalbek









leb1Part of the reconstructed area of Downtown Beirut



leb2Escape from the hustle & bustle at the American University of Beirut $600 Bonus



leb3Terry Waite stayed at the Riviera Hotel, Beirut, before he was kidnapped








leb4Selling bread on the Beirut Corniche














leb4aFishing in the Mediterranean, Beirut



leb5Live music at the Lone Star Cafe, Beirut


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leb6The former Green Line, which divided East and West Beirut during the war, and the scene of heavy fighting


















leb7Downtown Beirut
















leb8Pigeon Rocks, Beirut



leb9The Sea Castle at Sidon
















leb10In the souqs of the old quarter, Sidon
















leb11Taynal Mosque, Tripoli



leb12Wandering through the old quarter of Tripoli



leb13Old Tripoli dates back to the Mamluk era of 14th/15th century
















leb13aTripoli souq















leb15Selling orange juice, Tripoli



leb16The Biblical cedar trees near Bcharre are the symbol of Lebanon















leb17Sculpture of Christ, Bcharre



















leb18View of Bcharre and the Qadisha Gorge, a beautiful area of Lebanon



leb19Deir Qannoubin monastery in the Qadisha Gorge



leb20Inside Deir Mar Elishaa monastery, built around Qadisha Gorge















leb21A Qadisha Gorge monastery
















leb22Walking along the bottom of the Qadisha Gorge



leb24The Roman ruins at Baalbek. This is the Temple of Jupiter, dating back to 60 AD.















leb25Baalbek ruins















leb26Temple of Bacchus from 150 AD, Baalbek



leb28Bekaa Valley
















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