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Location - North Africa; Capital - Tripoli; Population - 6.5 million; Currency - Libya Dinar MORE LIBYA

A guide is compulsory when visiting Libya as a tourist, so I booked an 8-day tour of Libya via Arkno Tours in October 2007.


libnoteThe one Libyan Dinar note features Colonel Gaddafi. As of August 2011, I guess the images will change very soon.










lib3A banner in Green Square, Tripoli. The 38 represents Colonel Gaddafi's years in power. He almost made it to 42 years, but was deposed at the end of August 2011.



lib7Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, leader of Libya from 1969 to 2011 - Tripoli



lib17A hive of activity at Green Square, Tripoli















lib35Green Square has been renamed Martyrs' Square by the new regime - Tripoli

















lib8Enjoying a drink overlooking Tripoli's harbour



lib9Night falls on the harbour, Tripoli



lib14The Red Castle, overlooking Green Square, houses the National Museum - Tripoli















lib20The Volkswagen Beetle which Gaddafi used leading up to the revolution - National Museum, Tripoli














lib23Gaddafi in his early years as leader - National Museum, Tripoli $600 Bonus  


lib10A painting in Tripoli depicting a young Gaddafi discussing the revolution


Visit Gaddafi's website here







lib16Lest we forget how long Gaddafi's been around.. Tripoli









lib36And the date of the revolution? September 1st 1969 - Tripoli



lib371st September Street, Tripoli



lib12This mosque, in Algeria Square (or Maydan al-Jazayir), is a converted cathedral - Tripoli
















lib19Arkno Villa is on this street, about a 10 minute walk from Tripoli's Old City
















lib29The Arch of Marcus Aurelius is a relic of the Roman era, dating back to 163AD. Tripoli was built on the former Phoenician and Roman city of Oea


lib5The quiet souqs (markets) of Tripoli's Old City during Eid celebrations



lib25Souq al-Mushir leads to the Ottoman Clock Tower, Old City, Tripoli















lib27Old City market, Tripoli
















lib31The Old City, or Medina - Tripoli



lib32Old City, Tripoli



lib33The narrow streets of the Old City, Tripoli
















lib34A teapot overflowing with mint leaves - Tripoli















lib40On the road to Sabratha



lib44The 2nd/3rd century AD Roman ruins of Sabratha, 65kms west of Tripoli



lib46The communal latrines afford great views of the Mediterranean - Sabratha


For a Wikipedia guide to Sabratha, click here













lib47Sabratha had a population of around 35,000
















lib51Original mosaics on the floor behind the Roman Theatre, Sabratha



lib54Sabratha's Roman Theatre could accommodate about 5,000 spectators



lib52The three-storey columns of the Theatre's stage wall, Sabratha


















lib74The fortified granary storehouse of Qasr al-Haj


lib63This 12th century storehouse housed the village's cereals/food and acted as a fortress (Qasr means castle) - Qasr al-Haj



lib64There are 114 storerooms at Qasr al-Haj


















lib68The group investigate - Qasr al-Haj















lib70Walking along the top storey of Qasr al-Haj



lib72A photo taken from inside one of the Qasr al-Haj storerooms



lib77It's a fascinating place to visit - Qasr al-Haj
















lib80An ancient olive press at Nalut's old city, close to the Tunisia border. Olives were crushed using the stone wheel, then placed into a weaved bag (back right). The oil oozes out by lowering the wooden trunk on to the sack



lib89Qasr Nalut, or Nalut Castle, has more character than Qasr al-Haj. It's storerooms are placed in every nook and cranny, accessed via paths and stairways



lib84Qasr Nalut's fortified granary storerooms, which date to around the 11th century
















lib91Our guide Salim stands on one of Qasr Nalut's storerooms



















lib92Above one of the storerooms is the Hand of Fatima, a sign of good luck - Qasr Nalut



lib93The olive oil jars were built into the walls of Qasr Nalut



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