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Location - North Africa; Capital - Tripoli; Population - 6.5 million; Currency - Libya Dinar MORE LIBYA

After a day's drive from Tripoli via the mountainous Jebel Nafusa, we arrived in the Saharan city of Ghadames, in November 2007.


libnoteThe one Libyan Dinar note features Colonel Ghaddafi, but not for much longer I'm sure..










lib139The beautiful ancient trading city of Ghadames lies close to the Tunisia/Algeria border



lib137The mosque near the main entrance to Ghadames old city



lib136Ghadames old city
















lib133Irrigating water channels, Ghadames old town


















lib132There's a myriad covered pathways in the Old City, and it's pretty easy to get lost - Ghadames


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lib117Whitewashed buildings in Ghadames old city



lib118Palm trees tower over whitewashed walls in Ghadames old city


















lib119A mosque in the central area of Ghadames old town
















lib120A mosque's minaret, Ghadames



lib131Brightly coloured door in a Ghadames courtyard



lib130Date palms are grown in the gardens of the old city - Ghadames



















lib103There's lots of dates on offer in Ghadames















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lib107A covered walkway in Ghadames old city



lib108Ghadames was at the centre of several caravan routes, leading north to the Mediterranean and south further into the Sahara



lib110The atmospheric walkways of Ghadames old town



















lib109A Ghadames courtyard
















lib111The steps of a Ghadames cafe



lib113Enjoying mint tea and karkady (hibiscus tea) with the tour group in Ghadames old city



lib124The inside of a traditional house in Ghadames old town


















lib122A colourful window decoration in Ghadames



lib96Ghadames Museum is in the new town



















lib141The ruins of a Roman fort sit atop Ras al-Ghoul, a short drive from Ghadames



lib147Tour groups then head for sunset at the Grand Erg Oriental sand dunes, from where Tunisia and Algeria can be seen














lib150Sunset over the sand dunes - Grand Erg Oriental, just a few kms from Ghadames















lib148Grand Erg Oriental sand dunes (if you were wondering, reducing the memory of the photo makes the sky look blotched - the originals are fine)



lib153Grand Erg Oriental sunset - the tourist traffic can get silly in this area, but it's still worth going



lib156Camels get the right of way - driving to Kabaw















lib165Another fortified Berber granary is at Kabaw, which like Qasr a-Haj and Nalut, is situated in the Jebel Nafusa area, south of Tripoli



lib163Storerooms in Kabaw's granary



lib167These granaries can also be found in Tunisia - Kabaw


















lib169The abandoned clifftop village of Tormeisa



lib170Salim gets a little too close to the edge at a foggy and rainswept Tormeisa



lib174Clouds are blown away to reveal the Jefara Plain at Tormeisa















lib176An underground troglodyte home in Gharyan, still occupied by a Berber family



lib181The Triumphal Arch of Septimus Severus welcomes you to the Roman city of Leptis Magna, 125kms from Tripoli.
Originally a Phoenician city in the 6th century BC, Rome took control following the 3rd Punic War in 146BC














lib187The Hadrianic Baths consisted of hot and cold chambers and pools - Leptis Magna


More about Leptis Magna here














lib190The Severan Forum, Leptis Magna. The city was home to about 80,000 people



lib191A column in the Severan Basilica depicting the Labours of Hercules - Leptis Magna



lib193The 8,000 seat Theatre was built in the 1st century AD - Leptis Magna
















lib195Like Sabratha, Leptis Magna was built on the Mediterranean coast















lib198Leptis Magna's Theatre



lib199The Amphitheatre at Leptis Magna could hold around 16,000 spectators for the gladiator events



lib201The Amphitheatre was built in the 1st century AD - Leptis Magna















lib202Looking seawards from the Amphitheatre are the remains of the Circus, a racetrack which hosted up to 25,000 people - Leptis Magna














lib203Entering the Amphitheatre - Leptis Magna



lib205Gladiators and wild animals would walk through these tunnels to the Amphitheatre 'stage' - Leptis Magna



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