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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Vaduz; Population - 36,000; Currency - Swiss Franc

From Zurich it's an hour on the train to Sargans followed by a 30 minute bus journey to Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein - January 2009.


swissnoteLiechtenstein uses the Swiss Franc as its currency










liech46There's fantastic views of Vaduz on the way up to Vaduz Castle



liech52Liechtenstein is a wine producer and this is one of its vineyards. At the top right is the mediaeval red house - Vaduz


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liech45Vaduz has a population of only 5000
















liech51The Swiss Alps form the backdrop to Vaduz
















Vaduz and the Swiss Alps as seen from the walking trail leading to Vaduz Castle



liech40A great site in the Winter is this frozen waterfall, close to Vaduz Castle - Vaduz

My YouTube video here


liech41A close up of the icicles - Vaduz $600 Bonus


liech38Next to the waterfall is this panoramic viewpoint - Vaduz















liech52aMore scenes of Vaduz
















liech54Vaduz Castle, or Schloss Vaduz, is the home of the Liechtenstein royal family - Vaduz



liech56The current monarch is Prince Hans-Adam II - Vaduz Castle, Vaduz



liech60At the side of the road near the Castle a series of icicles had formed on the walls - Vaduz



















liech47Making my way downhill to the centre of Vaduz















liech61I passed by this building on the way down. I've no idea what it is but it's mighty distinctive - Vaduz



liech21Checking out Vaduz Castle from Stadtle, Vaduz



liech28Vaduz Castle - Vaduz
















liech29In the Summer the trees are a riot of green and lend themselves to more spectacular photos of Vaduz Castle - Vaduz















liech30Schloss Vaduz overlooks the capital Vaduz



liech32The Rathaus (Town Hall) stands in the shadow of the Castle - Vaduz



liech67It must be cold up there in Winter - paragliding above Vaduz.


If you can read German here's some useful sites -









liech79'African King' bronze sculpture, Vaduz



















liech69I stumbled across this covered wooden bridge which links Vaduz to Sevelen in Switzerland, crossing the Rhine river - Vaduz



liech74The bridge is used by pedestrians, cyclists (and horses of course) - Vaduz



liech62A series of canals flow parallel to the Rhine in Vaduz















liech35The Government Building with St Florin Cathedral behind - Vaduz
















liech36Anyone know what's going on here? As I approached they got back on their coach and were off - Vaduz



liech77St Florin Cathedral, Vaduz



liech80'Reclining Woman' sculpture, Vaduz















liech4A few kms north of the capital is the village of Mauren



liech3Mountains loom over Mauren



liech11Heading south from Mauren brings you to Eschen














liech13Church spire, Eschen
















liech9Another mountain backdrop, Eschen



liech10Mountain scenery, Eschen



liech16Vaduz runs into the sizeable town of Schaan
















liech14Crossing the Rhine at Schaan leads to the Swiss town of Buchs















liech17A church at Schaan



liech86Drive up the winding roads from Vaduz and arrive at Triesenberg















liech100The town of Triesenberg
















liech96There's magnificent views of the Rhine valley from Triesenberg




The Rhine cuts through the valley in a U shape, beyond which is Switzerland and the Alps - Triesenberg



liech93I'm guessing that the town on the left in this photo is Balzers in Liechtenstein - view from Triesenberg














liech88An ideal place to admire panoramic views - Triesenberg
















liech103The following morning the valley snow had melted away - Triesenberg



liech105Carry on gaining altitude and end up at the ski resort of Malbun















liech107Malbun has a few short ski runs, a natural ice skating rink, hiking routes and health centres
















liech104The resort lies at 1600 metres above sea level - Malbun



liech114Snowboarding down the slopes at Malbun



liech116I decided to have a go at sledging down Sucka-Steg, a mountain found between Malbun and Triesenberg - Steg



















liech119A tunnel burrowed through Sucka-Steg, Steg


My YouTube video here














liech123A section of the toboggan run down Sucka-Steg. A sledge can be hired at the hotel restaurant (pictured) for a few Francs - Steg



liech124At the finish line. Tourist literature refers to this by the rather grandiose term of 'toboggan run' but it's fun all the same - Steg



liech127..especially at night, when the run is lit up.
It's possible to get a bus back to Malbun (or Vaduz) in the evening - Steg
















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