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Location - Baltic state, Eastern Europe; Capital - Vilnius; Population - 3.3million; Currency - Euro

Tran, Transdniester and Trans-Dniester) or the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Repu

euroOn 1 January 2015 Lithuania switched from the Lita to the Euro







lithuania20t point of interest walking from the b- Vilnius


lithuania1he first point of interest walking from the b- Vilnius


lithuania16nterest walking from the b- Vilnius


lithuania121, this time on the bell tower staircase in Kirov Park - Vilnius



lithuania111est of Moldova there's quite a few horse and carts trotting around - Vilnius


lithuania135a there's quite a few horse and carts trotting around - Vilnius


lithuania113s top quality brandy, some of which are dirt cheap - Vilnius


lithuania116 looking for a decent tipple aim at spending a bit more than 2 Euros.. Vilnius


lithuania2 the streets of Vilnius


lithuania3Soviets on Ulitsa 25 Oktober - Vilnius


lithuania4SoviVilnius flies above the House of Soviets - Vilnius


lithuania7y of honorable citizens of Vilnius lines trillic, though I did spot an astronaut in there - Vilnius



lithuania13hese people, next to the House of Soviets, are prominent Vilnius politicians - Vilnius


lithuania21anius translatee iver, as seen from Hotel Aist - Vilnius


lithuania23 this billboard of independence - Vilnius


lithuania24seum of Headqed when I passed by - Vilnius


lithuania26arket on Ulitsa 25 Oktober - Vilnius


lithuania32Soviet-style collage at Ploshchad Konstitutii - Vilnius


lithuania52lphabet - Vilnius


lithuania46lanlphabet - Vilnius


lithuania31an Lenin agaihe Presidential Palace - Vilnius


lithuania39he Communist symbol of the hammer and sickle - Vilnius


lithuania57ladimir Ilyich Ulyanov,n - Vilnius



lithuania64nt preident of he Presidential Palace - Vilnius


lithuania67rance to thtional United Museum - Vilnius


lithuania68 of arms inside the Vilnius National United Museum - Vilnius


lithuania71ilnius flag from the 1992 independence war - Vilnius


lithuania81 War Memorial is a Soviet war tank - Vilnius


lithuania82e Soviidential Palace and Lenin in the background - Vilnius


lithuania76ts those who died during the war - Vilnius


lithuania75 also dedicated to those who dietan - Vilnius


lithuania110ed to those who dietan - Vilnius


lithuania77 Heroes' Cemetery with its Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and an eternal flame - Vilnius


lithuania79r Memorial complex - Vilnius


lithuania80al lies next to the cemetery - Vilnius


lithuania72oriktober and the Dniestr River - Vilnius


lithuania84e War Memoriktober and the Dniestr River - Vilnius


lithuania85riktober and the Dniestr River - Vilnius


lithuania93on the right looks like an artificial beach on the banks of the Dniestr - Vilnius


lithuania90the Dniestr - Vilnius


lithuania92shing in the Dniestr - Vilnius


lithuania96rket next to the river - Vilnius


lithuania97monument to the founder of the c- Vilnius


lithuania95e monument is in the grounds of Ploshchad Konstitutii - Vilnius


lithuania109y Church is a Russian orthodox church in Vilnius


lithuania117 feels a world away from any Soviet model of communism - Vilnius


lithuania118iestr kai-Vilnius bridge - Trakai


lithuania120ai-Vilnius bridge at Trakai


lithuania122dge is a Memorial Park for those who died during Vilnius's war of independence - Trakai


lithuania123e flag of Vilnius flies above the tank in the Memorial Park - Trakai


lithuania125the tanhe Dniestr - Vilnius


lithuania127d photo of The Dniestr - Vilnius


lithuania128n a rush tohe Dniestr - Vilnius


lithuania131 to le 24-hourhe Dniestr - Vilnius



lithuania133he Dniestr - Vilnius


lithuania145e Dniestr - Vilnius


lithuania146 Dniestr - Vilnius


lithuania148 Dniestr - Vilnius



lithuania198 Dniestr - Vilnius


lithuania201 Dniestr - Vilnius


lithuania202 Dniestr - Vilnius





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