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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Luxembourg City; Population - 500,000; Currency - Euro

I took a Eurostar from London to Brussels and eventually reached Luxembourg. I've tagged Luxembourg on to my trip to another small nation, Liechtenstein.


euroLuxembourg is part of the Euro zone









lux50One of the best views of Luxembourg City is from the bottom of the Grund looking up to the Corniche



lux41Spot who's admiring the Alzette river - Luxembourg City



lux44Here's a closer look - Luxembourg City




















lux40The Alzetter river at the Grund, Luxembourg City $600 Bonus  


lux57Walking down Luxembourg City's Corniche



lux38Looking up from the Grund, Luxembourg City
















lux51A little closer to the top - Luxembourg City




















lux4Rue Sigefroi - the archway on the left leads down to the Grund, Luxembourg City



lux35A closer look at the archway, Luxembourg City


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lux37Autumn colours in Luxembourg City















lux64A view of the Grund and Alzette river from Luxembourg City's Corniche















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lux71The church of St Jean overlooks the Alzette river. On the left are the fortified walls of the Bock Casemates - Luxembourg City



lux72The Bock Casemates and the church of St Jean - Luxembourg City




lux10The Spanish carved out the Bock Casemates in 1644 - Luxembourg City
















lux11Over the centuries the Bock Casemates were enlarged and Luxembourg became known as the 'Gibraltar of the North' - Luxembourg City















lux78A beautiful area of Luxembourg City lies between the 2 bridges crossing the Alzette in the centre of the city



lux83Alzette river and the Bock Casemates - Luxembourg City



lux84The church of St Jean, Luxembourg City



















lux6A statue in the Place du Theatre, Luxembourg City
















lux32The Luxembourg Philharmonic Hall - Luxembourg City



lux24The central Place d'Armes holds a market every Saturday - Luxembourg City



lux19The 16th century Palais Grand-Ducal is the former residence of Luxembourg royalty - Luxembourg City

















lux88aLovely autumnal colours in the Petrusse area of Luxembourg City.
In the top right is the viaduct, which links the station area to the old town















lux89A few hundred metres from the viaduct is Pont Adolphe - Luxembourg City



lux95Pont Adolphe, Luxembourg City



lux96To the left is the Place de la Constitution and the spires of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg City















lux99North east of Luxembourg City, on the German border, is Echternach



lux100Echternach's basilica is one of the most important religious buildings in Luxembourg



lux103A pathway alongside the Echternach basilica


More info on Echternach here















lux104Founded in 698 by St Willibrord, Echternach is the oldest town in Luxembourg















lux106Echternach is in the Mullerthal region of Luxembourg, an area of great appeal for hikers



lux118The morning mist burns away to reveal a stunning view of Bourscheid Castle















lux111Construction and expansion of Bourscheid Castle spans the 11th to the 15th century


My YouTube video here















lux115Go to Bourscheid Camping for these views - Bourscheid Castle



lux123The Sure valley stretches out below - Bourscheid Castle



lux124The river Sure winds its way beneath Bourscheid Castle
















lux126The Sure river, Bourscheid


More info on Bourscheid here















lux127The pretty town of Vianden is about an hour away from Luxembourg City by bus & train



lux133Vianden Castle is lit up in the evening



lux135Parts of Vianden Castle date to the 11th century


More about Vianden castle here














lux155Grand Rue is the main street in Vianden















lux156Grand Rue, Vianden



lux138Take a cable car trip for excellent views of Vianden
















lux143The cable car glides over the Our river - Vianden
















lux146At the top of the hill is a cafe where you can enjoy the castle, the river Our and the town itself - Vianden



lux148The castle and town of Vianden



lux149Vianden as seen from the cable car
















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