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Location - Southern Africa; Capital - Lilongwe; Population - 14 million; Currency - Malawi Kwacha

I managed to get a lift from South Luangwa in Zambia to Lilongwe, and continued the following day to Likoma Island by minibus and ferry, in April 2006.


malawnote50 Malawian Kwacha









malaw12Walking down to Mango Drift on the west of Likoma Island



malaw14Rainclouds appear above Chizimulu Island, a few kilometres west of Likoma Island


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malaw13I shared my chalet at Mango Drift with various 4 and 8 legged creatures - Likoma Island
















malaw15An ideal place to do nothing - a beach hammock at Mango Drift, Likoma Island
















malaw18The beach at Mango Drift, Likoma Island




malaw16A Mango Drift sunset on Likoma Island



malaw17 The sun sets on Lake Malawi, Likoma Island















malaw8Walking through Likoma Island's villages
















malaw6Kaya Mawa is a beautiful lodge on the south west coast of Likoma Island



malaw4The bar area of Kaya Mawa with Chizimulu Island in the distance - Likoma Island



malaw9Walking from west to east Likoma Island
















malaw10Likoma Island's airstrip
















malaw22Looking down on Likoma Island and Lake Malawi from the plane to Lilongwe


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malaw38Chinguni Hills Cottage is an ideal budget lodge in the south of Liwonde National Park
















malaw39Part of Chinguni Hills Cottage's camping area, Liwonde National Park

Chinguni Hills website here















malaw28Passing a cactus plant while on a walking safari through Liwonde National Park




malaw27A bees' nest in Liwonde National Park



malaw29I'm looking at a herd of elephants about 300 metres away in Liwonde National Park.

There's something exciting about a walking safari, possibly to do with being part of the food chain (or is that just me?)













malaw32Elephants in Liwonde National Park
















malaw35Kudus in Liwonde National Park



malaw41A boat trip down the Shire river, on the western edge of Liwonde National Park















malaw43A hippo only has eyes for me - Shire river, Liwonde National Park
















malaw46An elephant in the marshy edges of the Shire river, Liwonde National Park



malaw48Shire river, Liwonde National Park



malaw49Shire river, Liwonde National Park

















malaw52A soothing pirogue trip on a lagoon close to Chinguni Hills Cottage, Liwonde National Park



malaw54Liwonde National Park




malaw55Hippos returned to the surface once our pirogue had passed over them (not during, I'm happy to say) - Liwonde National Park















malaw59The beautiful waters of Lake Malawi at Cape Maclear



malaw62Cape Maclear is on the southern shores of Lake Malawi



malaw61View from a Cape Maclear bar
















malaw63The streets of Cape Maclear

















malaw65Admiring the view over a few beers, Cape Maclear



malaw67A crowd gathers at a Cape Maclear beach bar for traditional music and dance



malaw68Cape Maclear

My YouTube video


















malaw69Drummers provide the music - Cape Maclear



malaw71Cape Maclear - traditional music and dance



malaw75aA convenient place to eat while waiting for a bus, next to Monkey Bay's bus station















malaw75bA very redundant telephone bureau in Monkey Bay
















malaw76Chalets at Carolina Holiday Resort in Senga Bay, the closest lake resort to Lilongwe



malaw78Carolina's leads directly on to this stretch of beach at Senga Bay



malaw82Complete with sunburnt nose, Senga Bay



















malaw83Senga Bay

















malaw1One of the Old Town areas of Lilongwe


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