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Location - West Africa; Capital - Bamako; Population - 13 million; Currency - CFA Franc

The Burkina Faso-Mali bus dropped me off in Mopti, in April 2003.


malinoteThe West African CFA










mali1The mud-built Misire mosque in Mopti



mali2Tablets of salt arrive in Mopti from Taoudenni and Timbuktu via the Niger river $600 Bonus



mali3Loading and unloading pirogues at Mopti's port on the Bani river















mali5Pirogues and pinasses on the Bani river at Mopti
















mali7Pottery for sale in Mopti




mali8The fish market at Mopti port


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mali10Sarasenni's mud-built mosque, a short pirogue ride from Mopti
















mali11Children of Sarasenni, a Fulani village on the banks of the Niger, with my boatsman















mali13The villagers of Nyomi, a Bozo village close to Sarasenni



mali14En route from Mopti to Timbuktu.
It took about 22 hours by public transport, crossing rivers in glorified rafts and resting in a hut at night.
A direct 4x4 can do the trip in 8 hours, but without the memories..














mali17'Welcome to Timbuktu, city of 333 saints'
















mali15The 16th century Sankore mosque in Timbuktu















mali16Posing for a photo in Timbuktu



mali18Baking bread in Timbuktu



mali20The 14th century Dyingerey Ber mosque in Timbuktu

















mali19In the courtyard of the Dyingerey Ber mosque, Timbuktu




















mali21The Flame of Peace, a monument to the Tuareg rebellion in the 1990's, Timbuktu



mali22This is the well of Bouctou. Bouctou was an elder who oversaw the settlement. Tim (or tom) means 'well' hence the name Tombouctou, or Timbuktu



mali25Camel ride into the Sahara, Timbuktu
















mali27A Tuareg settlement in the Sahara, Timbuktu. The Tuareg are a nomadic Saharan people



mali28Bandiagara is a base for venturing out to Dogon country.
The Dogon have their own culture and religion, and live along the Bandiagara escarpment
On the left are sun-baked mud bricks














mali29The mud-brick granaries at Djiguibombo, Dogon country



mali30At the back is a meeting place for elders, called a togu-na, in Djiguibombo



mali32The Bandiagara escarpment
















mali33Kani-Kombole is a village at the bottom of the Bandiagara escarpment

For more about Dogon country click here















mali34The village market at Kani-Kombole



mali35The mud-brick mosque at Kani-Kombole



mali38Sleeping on the roof at Teli - a lot cooler than spending the night inside.
At the base of the escarpment are former dwellings of the Tellem people















mali40The Dogon village of Teli - a mosque is in the background
















mali41Dogon women chewing on kola nuts, Teli



mali43The Grand Mosque in Djenne, the largest mud-brick building in the world and an amazing sight

















mali44The wooden juts form the structure of the mosque, and act as supports when the building is repaired after the rainy season, Djenne
















mali45The Grand Mosque, Djenne




mali46A great view from the roof of my Djenne hotel..



mali47Though the room was, erm.., basic.
Nice and cool in the day but a sweat-box on a Summer night, Djenne















mali48Many of the houses in Djenne are also mud-brick















mali49The quiet streets of Djenne
















mali50Snake skins and monkey heads are on sale at Bamako's fetish market



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