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Location - West Africa; Capital - Nouakchott; Population - 3.5 million; Currency - Ouguiya MORE MAURITANIA

I spent 2 weeks in the West African country of Mauritania in March/April 2007.


maurnote1000 Mauritanian Ouguiya










maur12The coastal area of Nouakchott is 5kms from the centre, and is based around the fishing port



maur10The fishing port, on Nouakchott's Atlantic coast $600 Bonus



maur14The Atlantic coast, Nouakchott

















maur2A restaurant in central Nouakchott (a hookah, or nargileh, is on the right)

















maur7The Grand Mosque, Nouakchott



maur8Christina dining at Ali's in Nouakchott




maur21A traditional tikit and khaima (tent) at Auberge Oued Tillige in the oasis town of Azougui, close to Atar
















maur17Tikits are pretty sparse, but I guess you can decorate them yourself.. Azougui















maur24Palm trees in Azougui's oasis


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maur28Bright colours on a street in Atar
















maur29Stocking up on provisions at Atar's market

















maur30Desert landscape on the drive from Atar to Ouadane



maur32The set for the film Fort Saganne, starring Gerard Depardieu
















maur33Ancient rock paintings on cave walls near Fort Saganne
















maur36The old city of Ouadane, known as Le Ksar al Kiali, dates to the 12th century



maur47aThe ruins of the stone houses on the edge of the old quarter of Ouadane



maur54Ouadane was an important caravan town and trading centre, transferring salt, dates and gold across the Sahara
















maur38The Adrar plateau and Sahara surround Ouadane

















maur39Walking through Le Ksar al Kiali, Ouadane



maur45The old quarter of Ouadane



maur51Selling souvenirs in the old quarter, Ouadane















maur58The atmospheric Ouadane old quarter

















maur74Inside the auberge in Ouadane



maur44Checking out the view (or escaping the kitchen?) - Ouadane



maur60Our guide on the left, and a local historian on the right - Ouadane





















maur62There are many ancient manuscripts in Ouadane, a centre of learning since the 12th century















maur40The ostrich eggs are visible on the mosque's minaret - Ouadane's old quarter



maur65Outside the old quarter in Ouadane



maur68Tin Labbe is a short drive from Ouadane

















maur69 Passers-by in Tin Labbe

















maur75A 4-wheel drive across the desert from Ouadane to Tanouchert



maur79Driving across the desert - Ouadane to Tanouchert



maur93Our khaima, or tent for the night in Tanouchert

















maur94Helping ourselves to yet more tea - Tanouchert

















maur81There's no need to walk far to see sand dunes in Tanouchert



maur82Of course blokes have to climb things - Tanouchert



maur83The oasis town of Tanouchert is about half way between Ouadane and Chinguetti
















maur90Tanouchert is a tiny place with beautiful desert scenery
















maur92Palm trees in Tanouchert




maur97Keeping a lookout from Tanouchert's dunes



maur99Saharan sunset at Tanouchert

















maur110Starting a disastrous three day camel trek across the desert from Tanouchert to Chinguetti




maur113Sunrise over the Sahara on day two of the camel trek. Our guide was taken ill during the night, and had sent the camel owner on a fruitless search for a car to take us to Chinguetti



maur119For most of the second day we waited for a car to go by, drinking valuable water supplies and admiring the dunes - in the desert somewhere















maur116Our bus stop for the day.
Finally a car passed by in the mid-afternoon and we had a lift to Chinguetti - in the desert under a tree, somewhere















maur121These people were a godsend, but of course a drive though the desert is never problem free. Digging our way out for the second/third time - close to Chinguetti. When we arrived our guide mysteriously made a full recovery..


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