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Location - West Africa; Capital - Nouakchott; Population - 3.5 million; Currency - Ouguiya MORE MAURITANIA

What a relief to arrive in Chinguetti, crossing the desert from Tanouchert, in April 2007.


maurnote1000 Mauritanian Ouguiya










maur131Window decoration at our auberge, Chinguetti



maur126Dating back to the 13th century, Chinguetti was a caravan town and on the trans-Saharan trade route $600 Bonus



maur125Souvenirs for sale in the old quarter of Chinguetti

















maur127The Friday Mosque in Chinguetti's old quarter
















maur140Chinguetti's old quarter is also known as Le Ksar



maur138Surrounded by the Sahara, Chinguetti



maur142Walking through the old quarter of Chinguetti

















maur145Escaping the heat at a Chinguetti auberge

















maur139Sand threatens to take over parts of the old town - Chinguetti



maur133I preferred the old quarter of Ouadane to Chinguetti, but Chinguetti's sand dunes are absolutely stunning



maur148They're right on the edge of the old town.
Go late afternoon/early evening for the changes in light and shadow - Chinguetti


My YouTube video














maur149The Sahara stretches to the horizon and beyond - Chinguetti



maur156Sunshine and shadow - Chinguetti



maur157Local women walking amongst the dunes of Chinguetti



maur158Looking towards Chinguetti from the dunes


















maur143Chinguetti, like Ouadane, is known for its learning centres.
The old quarter houses ancient historical and Islamic manuscripts















maur159The area separating the old and new towns - Chinguetti



maur167 Another oasis town is Terjit, close to Atar off the road to Nouakchott
















maur168A shallow pool is a perfect place to cool down, as long as it's not full of kids splashing around - Terjit
















maur165Christina in our khaima, Auberge Oasis de Terjit - Terjit



maur180Making tea Mauritanian style is something to behold. There's lots of mint, sugar, pouring and repouring going on - love it! Terjit



maur173The setting for the auberge is beautiful, set within the walls of a canyon, with a stream running through - Terjit



















maur185 The canyon walls - Terjit

















maur186Climb the steps from the auberge and get a great view of the valley below - Terjit



maur171Looking skywards in Terjit



maur189Back in Nouakchott for the flight home
















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