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Location - South east Europe; Capital - Podgorica; Population - 650,000; Currency - Euro MORE MONTENEGRO

It's a very scenic, but very winding, bus ride from Peja in Kosovo up and over the Rugova mountains to north eastern Montenegro. The country is called Crna Gora in Montenegrin, meaning Black Mountain - October 2017.


euro1Montenegro is another country in the region which, though not part of the EU, uses the Euro









montenegro2Two days earlier it had been snowing so the Kosovo/Montenegro border, which must be over 1,000m altitude, was a lovely blanket of snow. This looks very much like a mosque


montenegro6The bus took us from Peja in Kosovo to the Montenegro border and on to Rozaje and Berane, where I changed buses and headed to Bijelo Polje in the north of the country - Rozaje to Berane


montenegro7In the mountainous north I noticed lots of these haystacks, many of which had bottles strung around them, nestling in the straw. Any ideas?! Bijelo Polje














montenegro10Bijelo Polje is the largest city in the north















montenegro11Notice the red star on the hill, a symbol of communism. It was removed after the break up of Yugoslavia but reinstalled - Bijelo Polje


montenegro24 My reason for going to Bijelo Polje was to take take in the excellent mountainous scenery - Bijelo Polje to Podgorica













montenegro25 It's part of the same route the Belgrade-Bar train takes - Bijelo Polje to Podgorica















montenegro28Almost in the lowlands near Podgorica - Bijelo Polje to Podgorica


montenegro55Podgorica is the little visited capital of Montenegro. This is Stara Varos, the Ottoman-era part of town














montenegro56Not sure if this guy's offering a bottle of water or beer. I declined both - Podgorica














montenegro59The Millenium Bridge crosses the Moraca River - Podgorica


montenegro60In the middle of Petrovic Park is the 19th century Petrovic Palace, which now houses an arts centre - Podgorica


montenegro61A huge statue of Petar I Petrovic Njegos, leader of Montenegro in the early 19th century - Podgorica














montenegro62The Cathedral of Christ's Resurrection was only consecrated in 2014 - Podgorica














montenegro38Lovely Lake Skadar is only 30mins from Podgorica - Virpazar


montenegro30Virpazar is the main tourist hub which can get crowded with tour buses


montenegro40Making a slightly hazardous walk across the lake causeway to Vranjina















montenegro44The lake is a national park and shared between Montenegro and Albania - Vranjina














montenegro45On the left, jutting out of the causeway, are the remains of the 19th century Lessendro Fortress - Vranjina


montenegro49Gorgeous views of Lake Skadar from Jezero Restaurant in Vranjina


montenegro68Taking the bus over the central mountains from Podgorica to Budva














montenegro69The bus descends to bring into view my first glimpse of the coast on this trip - Montenegro coast














montenegro71Slovenska Plaza is the main beach in Budva, where the temperature in mid-October was a perfect mid-20s


montenegro73Island-hopping and fishing trips can be arranged at Dukley Marina - Budva


montenegro123Sveti Nikola is an island just off the coast - Budva















montenegro78 Budva has a cute little old town surrounded by city walls















montenegro79As you'd expect, the medieval old town is lined with souvenir shops, cafes, bars and restaurants - Budva


montenegro96The early 19th century Holy Trinity Church and behind the spire of St John's Church - Budva


montenegro94Also in Stari Grad (the Old Town) is another 19th century building, the Citadel - Budva














montenegro100Holy Trinity Church (left) and St John's Church (right) from the Citadel - Budva















montenegro107The resort is very much the main beach resort in Montenegro, and also popular with package tourists from the Balkans, Russia and further afield - Budva


montenegro110There's several beaches scattered around Budva. This one is adjacent to the old town (pictured) called Budva Old Town Beach - what else! But it also goes by the name Ricardova Glava


montenegro115From the beach follow the headland path for a great view of the Old Town walls - Budva













montenegro114The Naked Ballerina poses in front of the Stari Grad - Budva















montenegro121Continue walking along the coastal path to reach Mogren Beach - Budva


montenegro127Tucked away near the Citadel is the entrance to the city walls - Budva


montenegro130Looking outside the city walls - Budva















montenegro138And looking inside, with the Adriatic Sea on the left - Budva
















montenegro150Just a few kms south of Budva is this special sight - Sveti Stefan


montenegro153Walking along Sveti Stefan beach towards Sveti Stefan


montenegro159Sveti Stefan (St Stephen) is an island linked to the mainland by a causeway















montenegro165It comprises an old town of 15th century buildings, but unfortunately is for the exclusive use of Aman Resorts - Sveti Stefan














montenegro168However for 20Euros you can go on a 45min tour of the island - Sveti Stefan


montenegro199A beautifully clear sea on the causeway to Sveti Stefan. On the opposite side of the bay is Budva


montenegro170Buildings are mostly either churches, hotel rooms or restaurants - Sveti Stefan















montenegro172 One of the small squares, with a church on the left - Sveti Stefan















montenegro177Down towards one of the more exclusive villas which was complete with an infinity pool. Yes please! Sveti Stefan


montenegro182A lovely view of the Adriatic and Budva - Sveti Stefan


montenegro189Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic got married on the island, and Robert de Niro was due to stay a week or two after I was there - Sveti Stefan














montenegro187To the mainland from the main restaurant - Sveti Stefan















montenegro201Take the woodland path across a headland to Milocer Beach, or King's Beach. The building on the left is Villa Milocer, built in 1934 as a summer residence for Serbian Queen Marija Karadordevic - Sveti Stefan



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