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Location - South east Europe; Capital - Podgorica; Population - 650,000; Currency - Euro MORE MONTENEGRO

From Budva on the coast it's a quick 45min bus ride to Kotor, gateway to the gorgeous Bay of Kotor - October 2017.


euro1Montenegro uses the Euro, though it's not in the EU










montenegro309If you have the legs, take a climb up hundreds of steps for brilliant views of Kotor and the Bay of Kotor, shown here with the Church of our Lady of Remedy just below


montenegro304It might not look it but this view is a lot further up the hill compared to the first - see the city walls in the bottom right - Kotor


montenegro314The terracotta roofs of the Old Town - Kotor















montenegro338A bird's eye view of St Tryphon's Cathedral close to the marina - Kotor














montenegro305The Bay of Kotor from high up on the castle ruins - Kotor


montenegro339The domes of the Serbian Orthodox St Nicholas' Church - Kotor


montenegro340Drying laundry in the Old Town - Kotor
















montenegro207Entering the Old Town via the southern Gurdic Gate - Kotor















montenegro204The quiet early morning streets of the Old Town - Kotor


montenegro214The rugged and rocky mountains sheltering Kotor


montenegro274The city walls climb the slopes above Kotor. In the bottom left is the Church of our Lady of Remedy














montenegro216A slightly crumbling entrance door inside the Old Town - Kotor




















montenegro217You can just make out the town walls rising behind St Tryphon's Cathedral - Kotor


montenegro227Cafes stand next to the 12th century St Luke's Church. The Old Town is an excellent place for al fresco dining, plus a spot of drinking of course - Kotor


montenegro223A revisit, this time at sea level, to St Nicholas' Church - Kotor















montenegro226When the cruise ships are in town it's heel-to-toe with tourists. Otherwise, it's a great, atmospheric place to visit - Kotor














montenegro233One of several squares in the Old Town (trg means square) which tend to be lined with cafes, bars and restaurants and plenty of outdoor seating - Kotor


montenegro239The clocktower lies just inside Sea Gate, the main entrance to the Old Town - Kotor


montenegro244There's a cat obssession in Kotor - there's even a Cat Museum!














montenegro252 A view of the Skurda River and the town walls - Kotor















montenegro282The mountains rise above Kotor


montenegro593The morning cloud begins to burn off - Kotor


montenegro350The lovely still waters of the Bay of Kotor from a bus heading for Perast. It might look like a lake and feels like one too, but the bay forms part of the Adriatic Sea


montenegro353Perast is an easy day trip from Kotor, further along the bay















montenegro354Its big draw are two tiny islands. On the left is St George while on the right is Our Lady of the Rock - Perast














montenegro356St George, or Sveti Djordje, is home to a 12th century monastery and a cemetery - Perast


montenegro357Our Lady of the Rock, aka Gospa od Skrpjela, was created artificially in the 15th century - Perast


montenegro367The Roman Catholic Our Lady of the Rock Church lies on the island, which is a five minute boat ride from Perast















montenegro373A view of Perast as the boat returns
















montenegro377Perast is a small place but all the tourist activity happens on the waterfront


montenegro381And the waterfront is easily the most attractive part - Perast


montenegro380A beautiful scene on the Bay of Kotor - Perast














montenegro382Perast is peppered with churches, but I'd say the best thing to do is laze at a seafront cafe and chill















montenegro394Head back to Kotor and keep going, to visit the place where the wealthy live - Tivat


montenegro389Yachts and boats docked at Porto Montenegro, a complex consisting of marinas, shops, bars, restaurants and luxury residences - Tivat


montenegro396Is this a cute old Yugoslavian car? I think it might be a Zastava 750, on show outside a restaurant - Tivat















montenegro398Zanjic is located in the bay's more remote and wilder Lustica Peninsula


montenegro399You'll need a car, taxi, boat or good bicycle legs to reach this part, though apparently it gets very busy in the summer - Zanjic


montenegro406But my reason for coming here was to get a glimpse of Mamula Island. During WWII Italy's Mussolini turned the island into a concentration camp. Despite this it's slated to become a luxury beach resort - unbelievable!















montenegro416Another island close by is Otocic Gospa, just off Mirista beach
















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