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Location - South east Europe; Capital - Podgorica; Population - 650,000; Currency - Euro MORE MONTENEGRO

Kotor was the base for a fantastic day-tour of southern Montenegro, organised by Montenegro 360, before heading off to Croatia via Herceg Novi - October 2017.


euro1Despite Montenegro not being in the EU, it uses the Euro










montenegro427First up on the tour was negotiating 25 hairpin turns up the mountain. This brilliant view of the Bay of Kotor is from the fifth serpentine, so nowhere near the top! Kotor is in the bottom right and just out of picture; the left section of the bay contains Tivat airport and Tivat, opening out to the Adriatic Sea in the distance


montenegro437Kotor, bottom left, leads northwards to Dobrota - Bay of Kotor


montenegro438Beyond Tivat airport's airstrip are three islands. First is Ostrvo Cvijeca (Island of Flowers), followed by Sveti Marko (St Mark's) and the tiny Gospa od Milosti (Our Lady of Mercy) - Kotor Bay/Boka Bay














montenegro443Our Lady of Mercy church is now a convent, lying just off the larger island of Sveti Marko - Kotor Bay/Boka Bay














montenegro445Danila tries her hand at the zip wire over the Bay of Kotor


montenegro446Having negotiated the 25 hairpins we turned to a late breakfast in Njegusi














montenegro448Njegusi is known as the best place in Montenegro for prosciutto, dry-cured ham. The logs are burnt to provide the smokey flavour















montenegro452We revisit the Bay of Kotor above the 25th serpentine, much higher than the first photo on this page


montenegro449A little bit more of Kotor is visible as it curves around the bay to the village of Muo - Bay of Kotor


montenegro461We head for the heights of Jezerski Vrh (1,657m) in Lovcen National Park, the location of Njegos Mausoleum














montenegro470There's more brilliant 360° panoramas from the mausoleum - Lovcen National Park














montenegro474461 steps bring you to Njegos Mausoleum - Lovcen National Park


montenegro476Njegos, full name Petar II Petrovic Njegos, was a prince-bishop of Montenegro in the 19th century and seen as one of the most important figures in Montenegrin history - Lovcen National Park

Montenegro - or Crna Gora in Montenegrin - derives its name from Mt Lovcen which was known as the black mountain.


montenegro482Everyone on the tour has to do this! Just gotta get the timing right... I'm second from the right - Lovcen National Park















montenegro459 A superb view of the former capital of Cetinje, as seen from the mausoleum















montenegro490Cetinje was the capital of Montenegro from the 15th century right up to 1946


A mural on the main street, Ulica Njegoseva - Cetinje


montenegro492A statue of Ivan Crnojevic, founder of Cetinje















montenegro493Ivan is buried at the 19th century Court Church - Cetinje
















montenegro495The 18th century Cetinje Monastery is a Serbian Orthodox monastery church - Cetinje


montenegro508 Serious hairpin bends were expertly negotiated on the descent to Rijeka Crnojevica














montenegro507The two hills are known as Sofia Loren - do I need to explain?! They're near Vranjina on Lake Skadar, which is where the Crnojevic River, pictured, leads - Rijeka Crnojevica














montenegro505It's a gorgeous area and one of the reasons I took the tour, as it's not easy to get here by public transport - Rijeka Crnojevica


montenegro510A speedboat on Crnojevic River (rijeka translates to river) - Rijeka Crnojevica


montenegro516After a riverside meal we had a boat trip on the river - Rijeka Crnojevica















montenegro511The riverside restaurant stands next to the 19th century Danilo Bridge - Rijeka Crnojevica
















montenegro521A frog hops away from a noisy boat. The tour finished with a evening walk of Budva before heading back to Kotor. Definitely recommended! Rijeka Crnojevica


montenegro530Revisiting the tranquil Bay of Kotor on the bus to Herceg Novi, and on to Croatia














montenegro546Herceg Novi is the final major town on the Bay of Kotor for buses heading to Dubrovnik in Croatia


montenegro535A cool place for an ice-cream is on a square known as Belavista, where the Archangel Michael's Church can be seen here on the left - Herceg Novi


montenegro539The clock tower, a former Old Town gate, overlooks several cafes in Nikola Durkovica Square - Herceg Novi














montenegro541The most colourful manhole cover I've come across! Herceg Novi














montenegro548Continue downhill to a small pebbly beach on the bay and the ruins of the Citadela - Herceg Novi


montenegro549Fort Mare towers over the beach - Herceg Novi


montenegro551Again the water looks lake smooth but I promise it's the sea! Next up is Croatia - Herceg Novi















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