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Location - South east Europe; Capital - Podgorica; Population - 650,000; Currency - Euro MORE MONTENEGRO

From Albania it was my usual slog back to London overland. First stop was an overnighter in Ulcinj, a couple of hours from Shkodra - May 2018.


euro1Despite Montenegro not being in the EU, it uses the Euro










montenegro560The coastal strip of Ulcinj as seen from the Old Town - Ulcinj


montenegro556The busy Ulcinj nightlife focuses on the bars lining the beachfront


montenegro565 The Old Town, or Stari Grad, was pretty quiet in May - Ulcinj














montenegro579I thought this was the definition of old town but it's probably a result of the 1979 earthquake - Ulcinj















montenegro566A gorgeous sunset over the Sunset Beach Bar - Ulcinj


montenegro567A lone boat on a shimmering sea. Off the ticket list! Ulcinj


montenegro586Part of the sprawling Kalaja hotel-bar-restaurant complex - Ulcinj















montenegro584I think this is also within the Old Town's Kalaja complex - Ulcinj















montenegro582A cliffside view of the Aegean Sea from the Stari Grad - Ulcinj


montenegro570Mala Plaza, or Little Beach, lies near the bottom of the Old Town - Ulcinj


montenegro573Stari Grad and its old town walls - Ulcinj
















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