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Location - North Africa; Capital - Rabat; Population - 32 million; Currency - Morocco Dirham MORE MOROCCO

During my 2014 visit to Ceuta I made time for a stay in Tangier and a few days to explore the city, as well as Asilah, Tetouan and the Moroccan border town of Belyounech, next to the Spanish island of Perejil - October 2014.


mornoteThe Moroccan Dirham










morocco719The main gathering place in the new town is the Terrasse des Paresseux - Tangier


morocco724The Gran Cafe de Paris hosted many novelists and artists before and after WWII, when the city was an International Zone. More recently it appeared in The Bourne Ultimatum - Tangier


morocco768 The cafe-lined Grand Socco lies next to the medina's entrance - Tangier













morocco765Entering the medina, Tangier's walled old town














morocco758The Tangier American Legation Museum celebrates the ties between Morocco and the United States - Tangier


morocco764Within the Legation is the Paul Bowles wing, with exhibits from the American author and composer who lived in Tangier


morocco743Beautiful shades of blue in the medina - Tangier















morocco745Get yourself lost exploring the old town - Tangier















morocco749Sellling vegetables and earthenware pots in a medina souq - Tangier


morocco751Rest your feet with a mint tea in the medina's Petit Socco - Tangier


morocco753The Grand Mosque lies at the eastern end of the medina - Tangier














morocco756Close to the Grand Mosque is a viewpoint. It's mainly a view of the industrial port but you can also see the medina's edge - Tangier














morocco739Bab el-Aassa is one the entrance gates to the kasbah - Tangier


morocco740Steps leading down from Bab el-Aassa - Tangier


morocco731Dar el-Makhzen, the former sultan's palace, is now the Kasbah Museum - Tangier













morocco738Intricate mosaics in the Kasbah Museum - Tangier














morocco727A kasbah alleyway - Tangier


morocco722An atmospheric place for a drink in the new town is Caid's Bar, in the grounds of the five-star El-Minzah Hotel - Tangier


morocco773The city has a good central beach where the corniche gets busy in the late afteroon/early evening - Tangier













morocco775 There's a lively cafe-restaurant complex just off Boulevard Mohammed V, near Hotel Rembrandt - Tangier














morocco779The beach approach to the whitewashed old town of Asilah


morocco785The courtyard of Centre de Hassan II Rencontres Internationales, which hosts art exhibitions - Asilah


morocco784Al-Madina cafe is an ideal respite from the heat of the medina - Asilah














morocco788Asilah is famous for its summer festival, which includes superb street art














morocco790Colourful street art in Asilah



morocco794Watching the world go by - Asilah



morocco795 "Clown's Exit. Do Not Park". Perish the thought! Asilah














morocco796Colourful Asilah














morocco800Ahead is the whitewashed Palais de Raissouli, also called the Palace of Culture - Asilah


morocco804The Palais de Raissouli is usually closed to visitors but you might get lucky around festival time in August - Asilah


morocco810 In the southwestern corner of the medina is a lookout point. Straight ahead is the Palais de Raissouli jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean - Asilah













morocco811And down the steps is the Mujaheddin Graveyard - Asilah















morocco818I love this one. If you don't have windows just paint some. And with a tie hanging out, of course - Asilah


morocco819A tight spot for deliveries! Donkey and cart in Asilah


morocco820More colour in Asilah, where several art galleries are dotted around the medina














morocco821The low-key souvenir shops - Asilah















morocco826The cobbled streets and winding alleyways in Asilah's medina, less than an hour's train ride south of Tangier


morocco828What the old town would look like without restoration, though there's something appealing in its neglect - Asilah


morocco829Plantpots add a touch of class to Asilah















morocco846Medina - Asilah


















morocco831A very worn Portuguese coat of arms stands above the Bab Homar entrance gate to the medina. Asilah, and much of Morocco's coast, was a Portuguese possession in the 15th century.


morocco841The medina stands over a small beach on the Atlantic Ocean - Asilah


morocco844 Fishing boats in Asilah's small port














morocco845 The Patio de la Luna Hotel and its palm trees lie just outside the medina walls - Asilah














morocco835San Bartolome Church in the new town - Asilah


morocco850The walk between the medina and the train station is around 20 minutes but the wide expanse of beach linking them is a pleasant stroll - Asilah


morocco861 An hour's drive east of Asilah, close to the Mediterranean coast, is Tetouan














morocco863 A covered walkway in Tetouan medina














morocco853Just inside the Bab Saida gate is Saida Mosque - Tetouan


morocco854Undercover: Getting some respite from the rain in Tetouan medina. It was a very wet day!


morocco859The 19th century courtyard of the Regional Nationalist Museum(?!) - Tetouan














morocco855The sun struggles to pierce through the rain clouds - Tetouan












morocco865A tradfitional room on show in the Ethnographic Museum - Tetouan


morocco867Walk through Lovers Park on the way from the Ethnographic Museum to The Ensanche - Tetouan


morocco883Avenue Mohammed V is the heart of The Ensanche, an area with much Spanish colonial architecture - Tetouan












morocco869Tetouan was the capital of the Spanish protectorate between 1912 and 1956, so Spanish and Moorish architecture are in evidence













morocco870Avenue Mohammed V leads to Place Hassan II - Tetouan


morocco877The Royal Palace takes pride of place in Place Hassan II, though it does mean the square is cordoned off for security reasons - Tetouan


morocco871On the edge of Place Hassan II are four towers designed by Modernist architect Enrique Nieto, famous in the Spanish enclave of Melilla - Tetouan













morocco886A 15minute taxi ride north of Tetouan, on the east coast, is the beach resort of Mdiq


morocco888A glass of Flag Speciale beer in the grounds of the Golden Beach Hotel - Mdiq


morocco700Dark clouds (again!) descend on the valleys surrounding Belyounech, a short drive from Ceuta













morocco710The town and bay of Belyounech. which stretches to the Ceutan town of Benzu in the distance













morocco703The border fence separating Morocco from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. My Ceuta pages 1 & 2 - Belyounech



morocco705Looking away from Ceuta towards Jebel Musa and Belyounech


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