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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Amsterdam; Population - 17 million; Currency - Euro MORE NETHERLANDS

From Brussels I hopped on a train to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, from where it's a few minutes to Delft - May 2010.


euroNetherlands is another country in the Euro-zone









neth2The Oude Kerk (Old Church) is certainly that - around 800 years old - Delft



neth4A rather grainy photo of one of the canals in Delft



neth13At the base of the Oude Kerk, Delft



















neth10Wow that's a big lean - the Oude Kerk is about 2 metres off kilter - Delft















neth7One of the canals on the edge of central Delft



neth11Municipal Museum het Prinsenhof is the site of Willem the Silent's assassination in the 16th century - Delft


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neth14I'm next in the queue. 'Voor de kunst' means 'For art', another way of saying please don't use it - Delft


















neth16Gemeenlandshuis van Delfland was a private house built in the early 16th century - Delft















neth22Canals are a bit of a novelty at first, but they're virtually all over the country - Delft



neth23On the right is the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) located in the Markt, Delft's central square



neth32Also in the Markt is the Town Hall - Delft














neth26Outside a shop in the Markt - Delft













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neth29A statue of Hugh Grotius faces the Town Hall - Delft



neth30Hugo Grotius, a pioneer of international law born in Delft, stands in front of the 14th century 'New Church' - Delft



neth50A turning off the Markt - Delft
















neth33The Beestenmarkt, a few minutes walk from the Markt, is a good place for a drink - Delft













neth34The Beestenmarkt is lined with bars and restaurants with plenty of tables and chairs in the central square - Delft



neth37Water water everywhere - Delft



neth38A tree-lined canal on the way to Oostpoort - Delft















neth41Oostpoort is the only part of Delft's original walls that survive
















neth45The Oostpoort is a lovely little area, surrounded by canals - Delft



neth48Ducks and swans provided the entertainment at this canalside café - Delft



neth54The Legermuseum is a military museum - Delft















neth60Beyond Den Haag's city centre is the beach resort of Scheveningen



neth62The true definition of 'sunbed' - Scheveningen, Den Haag



neth63Kite-flying on the North Sea coast - Scheveningen, Den Haag















neth64Scheveningen has plenty of restaurants right on the beach - Den Haag














neth65A pedestrian area just off the beach at Scheveningen, Den Haag



neth68I thought this was a government building but it's a lawyers' office. Great location - Den Haag



neth69A shopping area in the centre of Den Haag, close to the Hofvijver















neth71Den Haag, or The Hague, is also known as 's-Gravenhage, and is the Netherlands' seat of government















neth73Government buildings inside the Binnenhof (Inner Court) - Den Haag



neth72The Hague is home to, amongst many others, the United Nation's International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court - Den Haag



neth76The buildings of the Binnenhof overlook the Hofvijver - Den Haag















neth78Hofvijver and the Dutch government buidlings - Den Haag















neth79The Mauritshuis is an art gallery also overlooking the Hofvijver - Den Haag



neth80Relax at one of the cafés at Plein, Den Haag



neth82The 'Celebrity Constellation' docked on Het IJ, next to the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ concert hall - Amsterdam














neth83A replica sailing ship floats in front of NEMO, a science museum - Amsterdam















neth87A canal cruise through Amsterdam



neth99Herengracht forms part of the Canal Belt, a series of semi-circle canals south of the Centraal train station - Amsterdam



neth100Leidseplein is a lively area both day and night - Amsterdam















neth105A street leading off Leidseplein - Amsterdam















neth107Reflections in an Amsterdam canal



neth108Sculptures embedded in a wall - Amsterdam



neth109Cyclists, joggers and vagrants are common sights at Vondelpark - Amsterdam














neth117The large building is the 15th century Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) - Amsterdam














neth120The Nieuwe Kerk is one of several buildings surrounding the Dam, a square that also comprises the National Monument, right, which commemorates the World War II dead - Amsterdam



neth126Madame Tussaud's is also on the Dam - Amsterdam



neth131The Bulldog is a coffee shop chain, this one being in the Red Light District.
In the Netherlands cafés sell coffee; coffee shops sell marijuana (and maybe even coffee) - Amsterdam














neth132'Wad u talkin'bout Willis?' Diff'rent Strokes actor Gary Coleman.
I'm sure most people have no idea what I'm talking about - Amsterdam















neth133It's rather bizarre to see the 14th century Oude Kerk (Old Church) surrounded by prostitute windows. There's also urinoirs (open-plan urinals, pictured on the left) a few metres from the entrance - Amsterdam



neth134One of the canals in the Red Light District - Amsterdam



neth143Another canal photo - Amsterdam















neth136Amsterdam's sex museum, on Damrak, is a very popular harmless bit of fun. There's even a flasher to entertain visitors (a model one, not a human) - Amsterdam














neth158I don't know if this pub in the Red Light District always looks like this or whether they were getting ready for the World Cup - Amsterdam



neth140A restaurant now occupies the 15th century Waag (Weighing house) in Nieuwmarkt, a square on the outskirts of the Red Light District - Amsterdam



neth141I thought the Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum was a bit disappointing - Amsterdam















neth142On the left, growing skunk at the Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum - Amsterdam















neth91The 85 metre high Westerkerk. This church is the resting place of Dutch painter Rembrandt - Amsterdam



neth152The Westerkerk provides some fine views of the city - Amsterdam



neth149The house of Anne Frank is on the right, behind the grey building at the front - Amsterdam















neth114A closer look at the Anne Frank house - Amsterdam.
The Jewish Frank family hid here during World War II, with daughter Anne Frank writing a diary covering this period.
15-year-old Anne died in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in 1945.

















neth157High above the Prinsengracht canal - Amsterdam



neth153Off on a jolly - Prinsengracht canal, Amsterdam



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