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Location - Central America; Capital - Managua; Population - 6 million; Currency - Cordoba

A surprise package for me was Nicaragua, with its lovely island and beach getaways, volcanoes and picturesque colonial cities - October 2001.


nicanoteThe Nicaraguan Cordoba









nica1Locals celebrating the patron saint of Leon, San Jeronimo, outside Leon's cathedral



nica3A parade through the streets of Leon $600 Bonus



nica5Sandinista campaign for the 2001 national elections in Leon - Daniel Ortega for President









nica616th/17th century ruins of Leon Viejo with Momotombo volcano in the background
















nica7The bubbling mud pools at San Jacinto



nica8San Jacinto bubbling mud pools



nica9Posing in the sweaty San Jacinto hot springs
















nica12The birthplace of Carlos Fonseca, founder of the Sandinistas (FSLN), Matagalpa. The Sandinistas overthrew the Somoza regime in 1979



nica13The sign says 'Carlos Fonseca - your work is immortal' - Matagalpa



nica14PLC campaign for the 2001 elections in Matagalpa.
Presidential candidate Enrique Bolanos was dancing on stage - despite this (or because of it) he won the Presidency














nica15War murals in Jinotega, a Sandinista stronghold



nica16Masaya volcano overlooking Masaya lagoon

















It's possible to drive all the way to Masaya volcano - these 2 photos don't quite fit together but you get an idea of the scene



nica19Masaya volcano - there had been a lot of landslides due to volcanic activity and certain areas were off limits (allegedly)















nica20Waiting for Sandinista Presidential candidate Daniel Ortega to deliver a speech in Masaya.

Daniel Ortega was one of Ronald Reagan's arch enemies when the US discovered that he was arming rebels in El Salvador and collaborating with Cuba.

The US funded the Contras in their fight against the Sandinista government.
The Iran-Contra affair was later exposed. Daniel Ortega ran an unsuccessful FSLN (aka the Sandinistas) campaign for President in 2001.
In 2006 he tried again, and won.

More info on the Iran-Contra Affair








nica21After several hours Daniel Ortega arrived. He's to the left of the flag in front of the El Gallo sign, honest! Masaya



nica22The tomb of Carlos Fonseca in the Plaza de la Republica, Managua
















nica23The earthquake damaged old cathedral in the Plaza de la Republica, Managua















nica24Monument in Managua



nica25Managua's Presidential Palace



nica26Tiscapa lake, a volcanic crater lake in central Managua
















nica27On the boat down the Escondido river to Bluefields



nica28The Caribbean town of Bluefields

















Between Masaya and Granada is Apoyo lagoon



nica34Granada's colonial buildings
















nica36You may have noticed that Central America has plenty of volcanoes - this is Mombacho volcano as seen from Parque Colon, Granada















nica38Parque Colon in the picturesque city of Granada



nica41Sunset over Lake Nicaragua from Moyagalpa on the beautiful Isla Ometepe
















nica43Madera volcano as seen from Magdalena, Isla Ometepe
















nica44Island life in Magdalena, Isla Ometepe, with Concepcion volcano behind



nica45Concepcion volcano and Lake Nicaragua from Finca Magdalena, Isla Ometepe



nica46Concepcion volcano, Isla Ometepe

















nica49The forest trail on the slopes of Madera volcano, Isla Ometepe
















nica48An ancient petroglyph inscribed by the Chorotega Indians, near Finca Magdalena, Isla Ometepe



nica51Rural life in Magdalena, Isla Ometepe



nica52The sun sets on Isla Ometepe
















nica54Lazing around on Santo Domingo beach, Isla Ometepe



nica55Santo Domingo beach - it's a pity it's full of sandflies - Isla Ometepe



nica58The beach and Pacific Ocean at San Juan del Sur
















nica59Darren and Sarah at Bahia Majagual. We shared the area with toads, monkeys, snakes and the occasional scorpion



nica60Bahia Majagual's Pacific beach



nica61Another sunset, this time at Bahia Majagual

















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