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Location - Eastern Mediterranean; Capital - Nicosia (Lefkoşa); Population - 265,000; Currency - New Turkish Lira MORE CYPRUS

A couple of buses from Troodos took me to Nicosia and I crossed the Green Line into Northern Cyprus at the Ledra Street checkpoint, before continuing to the coast at Kyrenia - April 2009.


northcyprusnoteNorthern Cyprus uses the New Turkish Lira


ncyprus36Kyrenia is a picturesque harbour town on the north coast



ncyprus40Kyrenia's small harbour (Kyrenia is called Girne in Turkish)



ncyprus33The harbour is lined with restaurants - Kyrenia








ncyprus34Kyrenia harbour









ncyprus35Kyrenia harbour



ncyprus37The huge stone structure is Kyrenia Castle - Kyrenia



ncyprus39The minaret of Aga Cafer Paşa Cami rises over the harbour - Kyrenia















ncyprus43The harbour is a lovely area for an evening drink - Kyrenia















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ncyprus3A restaurant next to the Aga Cafer Paşa Cami mosque, Kyrenia



ncyprus49In April an election campaign was in full swing in Northern Cyprus.
The UBP seemed to be generating all the publicity - Kyrenia







ncyprus51It involved a live band and lots of frantic flag waving.
Sure enough the UBP (National Unity Party) won the elections - Kyrenia
















ncyprus10Above Kyrenia is St Hilarion Castle


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ncyprus8St Hilarion Castle is a Crusader castle $600 Bonus



ncyprus14The peak of the 3rd section of St Hilarion Castle is reached by steps, steps and more steps




















ncyprus18Clouds cast shadows over the north coast - St Hilarion Castle




ncyprus19Looking through the windows of the Royal Apartments, St Hilarion Castle



ncyprus22The Besparmak Mountains roll down to the coast west of Kyrenia - St Hilarion Castle















ncyprus24The upper levels are over 700 metres above Kyrenia - St Hilarion Castle



ncyprus27The climb to the peak is definitely worth it for the superb views of the Besparmak Mountains, the Mediterranean, Kyrenia and the north coast. The 'field' to the right is an off-limits army base - St Hilarion Castle


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ncyprus29Prince John's Tower, St Hilarion Castle
















ncyprus30St Hilarion Castle
















ncyprus53Just outside the old city walls of Famagusta is the Victory Monument



ncyprus55The old city as seen from Othello's Tower, Famagusta















ncyprus56Lala Mustafa Paşa mosque is an imposing building - Famagusta















ncyprus70In the 16th century the Ottoman Turks converted the Gothic style St Nicholas Cathedral to a mosque - Lala Mustafa Paşa mosque, Famagusta



ncyprus60Christianity and Islam combined - Lala Mustafa Paşa mosque, Famagusta



ncyprus66Lala Mustafa Paşa mosque, Famagusta
















ncyprus72Lala Mustafa Paşa mosque, Famagusta
















ncyprus67The old city, Famagusta



ncyprus71More campaigning by the UBP, this time at Famagusta



ncyprus75The Turkish flag on the left; UBP candidate (now 'Prime Minister') in the centre; Northern Cyprus flag on the right - Famagusta















ncyprus74More UBP flag waving - Famagusta
















ncyprus76A shopping street within the old city, Famagusta



ncyprus77Famagusta is called Ammochostos in Greek and Gazimağusa in Turkish



ncyprus80The ancient city of Salamis, a few kms north of Famagusta, can be dated back to the 11th century BC















ncyprus82Much of what remains are from the Roman era - Salamis


More on Salamis here














ncyprus85Roman theatre, Salamis



ncyprus83Roman theatre, Salamis



ncyprus89The beach at Salamis could be decent but was strewn with rubbish when I was there















ncyprus91A statue of Ataturk stands in front of Kyrenia Gate and the Venetian city walls - Nicosia (Lefkoşa in Turkish)



ncyprus93The heart of north Nicosia is Ataturk Meydani, a square located inside the city walls - Nicosia



ncyprus95Tombs belonging to the sheiks of the Mevlevi Whirling Dervish sect - Mevlevi Museum, Nicosia


More on the Whirling Dervish sect here

















ncyprus94I presume this music related somehow to the Mevlevi sect - Mevlevi Museum, Nicosia
















ncyprus98Entering the Buyuk Han, a renovated Ottoman inn - Nicosia



ncyprus97Buyuk Han translates to Great Inn. A han provided accommodation for travellers in Ottoman times - Nicosia

Wikipedia on the Ottoman Empire



ncyprus99The inner courtyard of Buyuk Han, Nicosia















ncyprus102The rooms have now been converted to shops and galleries - Buyuk Han, Nicosia















ncyprus103Buyuk Han, Nicosia



ncyprus105There's also a cafe to rest weary legs - Buyuk Han, Nicosia



ncyprus107Shops in the old city - Nicosia
















ncyprus108An antiques shop next to Selimiye Mosque, Nicosia















ncyprus111There's a couple of outdoor cafes behind Selimiye Mosque - Nicosia



ncyprus113Selimiye Mosque was formerly St Sophia Cathedral, completed in the 14th century - Nicosia



ncyprus115Playing in front of a steel partition separating north and south Nicosia
















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