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UNITED KINGDOM - Northern Ireland

Location - Western Europe; Capital - N Ireland - Belfast; Population - N Ireland - 2million; Currency - Pound Sterling MORE UK - SCOTLAND

I spent a weekend in Belfast in January 2008.


nirnoteNorthern Ireland's version of the Pound Sterling is very distinctive, most notably the Queen is absent.









nir17The Wheel of Belfast stands next to the City Hall in Belfast's city centre



nir2The Wheel of Belfast is a temporary attraction, possibly ending in March 2008. Visit their website here


nir10Belfast's City Hall is at the heart of the city
















nir1City Hall, Belfast
















nir3The Wheel of Belfast's gondolas 'sail' past the City Hall


nir6City Hall, in Donegall Square, Belfast



nir9Donegall Square, Belfast


















nir21There's some good views from the Wheel of Belfast.
On the right is one of the 2 Harland & Wolff shipyard cranes, known as Samson & Goliath, overlooking the Irish Sea - Belfast
















nir28Looking westwards over City Hall - Belfast



nir32Albert Memorial Clocktower - Belfast


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nir33Samson (or Goliath?), a Harland & Wolff shipyard crane, as seen from Custom House Square, Belfast
















nir34The Lagan river flows through the east of Belfast's city centre

















nir36The Crown Bar Liquor Saloon is a tourist haunt, opposite the Grand opera House, Belfast



nir68The Grand Opera House was reconstructed following a 1993 bomb - Belfast



nir37Murals in support of the Basque country and Cuba line Falls Road, a Catholic dominated area of Belfast
















nir39On the left is a mural dedicated to Kieran Nugent, the first 'blanketman' - Belfast

More about the man here
















nir40A Garden of Remembrance to fallen Republicans - Falls Road, Belfast



nir41Bobby Sands was a member of the Provisional IRA who died during the 1981 hunger strike at the Maze prison near Lisburn.

More about Bobby Sands here and here. For more on the hunger strike click here. More on the IRA here.



nir42Northumberland Street links the Falls Road to the Protestant dominated Shankill Road.
During The Troubles, these gates would be closed in times of heightened tension - Belfast















nir44Entering the Shankill Road from Northumberland Street, Belfast.

More on the UVF here
















nir46Holding the Good Friday Agreement - a mural on Shankill Road, Belfast. More info on the Agreement here



nir47Honouring dead UVF volunteers - Shankill Road, Belfast



nir48A mural dedicated to the Queen Mother, who died in 2002 - Shankill Road, Belfast


















nir50Queen's University, Belfast



nir51The Parliament Building at Stormont is home to the Northern Ireland Assembly - Belfast

















nir54Statue of Edward Carson in front of the Parliament Building, Stormont - Belfast

















nir56Parliament Building, Stormont - Belfast



nir58Looking out from Stormont over the outskirts of east Belfast



nir63The Lagan river, Belfast
















nir64The Merchant Hotel is one of the more expensive options in Belfast
















nir67A side-street off Donegall Place, Belfast



nir72An early Winter's morning on the city walls at Bishop's Gate, Derry
















nir73Close to Bishop's Gate and inside the city walls is St Columb's cathedral - Derry
















nir76The 17th century city walls of Derry



nir77Cannons point towards the Foyle river, Derry



nir86River Foyle, Derry
















nir78O'Doherty's Tower houses the Tower Museum - Derry


















nir70Inside the city walls - Derry



nir71An Anthony Gormley statue in Derry



nir79The Bogside area of Derry, seen here from Bishop's Gate, is a Catholic section of the city


















nir83Motorman, one of the Bogside murals, depicts a British soldier smashing in a house door in the Bogside area in 1972 - Derry
















nir82A Bloody Sunday mural in the Bogside, Derry

More info on Bloody Sunday here



nir81'You Are Now Entering Free Derry' - a Bogside mural, Derry



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