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Location - North East Asia; Capital - Pyongyang; Population - 24 million; Currency - North Korean Won MORE NORTH KOREA

We continued to the Kumgang mountains from Wonsan, and on the way back to Pyongyang took lunch at Lake Sijung - September 2009.


dprknote8100 North Korean Won











dprk778Some lovely countryside on the way from Wonsan to Kumgang



dprk780Countryside - Wonsan to Kumgang



dprk782Empty roads on the road from Wonsan to Kumgang
















dprk785We stopped at the roadside and took a short walk up a rocky path into the Kumgang mountains.
The East Sea is visible in the distance.















dprk787Though we only saw a small area it was beautiful - Kumgang mountains



dprk789A small lake in the Kumgang mountains





dprk790Kumgang mountains







dprk794Walking through the vegetation in the Kumgang mountains















dprk797Much of the Kumgang mountains has been given over to the Hyundai Corporation of South Korea. Hyundai suspended their tours following a shooting in 2008 - more info here (the Hyundai tourist area is different to the section where we went).



dprk791Kumgang mountains



dprk800Heading back north from Kumgang to Wonsan we stopped for lunch at Lake Sijung















dprk805'Let us devote ourselves to the homeland, holding responsibility for our nation' - Lake Sijung
















dprk808Fixing something in the bus (not ours) at Lake Sijung



dprk812We had an hour or so to enjoy the beach at Lake Sijung



dprk814The beach is only a 2 minute walk from Lake Sijung















dprk815Some of the tour group with guides & cameraman at Lake Sijung beach















dprk817This guy was with us for our time in Wonsan. He had a mobile phone so he must be important - Lake Sijung.



dprk824Ryohaengsa is the Korean International Travel Company. All tour companies must book via KITC - Lake Sijung.



dprk819A drinks stall in Wonsan
















dprk821A common method of transport in North Korea - Wonsan















dprk823The ferry that sails between Wonsan and Japan. It's operation has been suspended, the Japanese citing hard currency smuggling - Wonsan



dprk826A quick break at a scenic viewpoint on the Wonsan to Pyongyang road
















dprk828I remember the opening of this Pyongyang pizzeria making the international news



dprk830Our guide Lim tries pizza for the first time - Pyongyang



dprk831And the trip is over! We're back at Pyongyang train station
















dprk834I wonder if Tsung and Lim want to come with us? Pyongyang














dprk3aaThe train arrives at the border town of Sinuiju



dprk3aaaThere's a lot going on in this photo but I don't know what it is - Sinuiju



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