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Location - North East Asia; Capital - Pyongyang; Population - 24 million; Currency - North Korean Won MORE NORTH KOREA

The morning of my sixth day in North Korea was spent at the White Tiger Art Studio buying propaganda posters. After that it was off to Workers' Party Monument - February 2011


dprknewnote5The new version of the North Korean Won notes were introduced in January 2010.









dprk1340On the east side of the river is the hammer, sickle and writing brush of the Monument to the Foundation of the Workers' Party - Pyongyang



dprk1345A tram passes in front of the Workers' Party Monument - Pyongyang


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dprk1343The tram drives past to reveal the Mansudae Grand Monument on the opposite side of the river.
And you may have noticed the Ryugyong Hotel - Pyongyang














dprk1352..And looking the other way, taken from the Mansudae Grand Monument - Pyongyang














dprk1344The square in front of the Workers' Party Monument - Pyongyang



dprk1349Behind the monument is the Pyongyang Cultural Exhibition and Gift Shop. It sells art, ceramics, writings by Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung, books, postcards and handicrafts - Pyongyang



dprk1350I was very lucky to be invited to see the excellent Pyongyang Symphony Orchestra at the Moranbong Theatre, on the occasion of Kim Jong Il's birthday.
They played a mix of European and Korean scores, including Arirang. No photos were allowed inside.
These people are just leaving the show - Pyongyang












dprk1361More propaganda on the North Korea streets - Pyongyang














dprk1362The Great Leader Kim Il Sung died in 1994, aged 82. A surreal - and worthwhile - experience is attending the Kumsusan Memorial Palace where his body lies in state - Pyongyang



dprk1363Florist shops on the streets of Pyongyang are quite common. People are forever paying their respects to Kim Il Sung by laying flowers at the foot of his statues.



dprk1364A popular expat hangout is the Diplomatic Club, aka The Diplo, near the Juche Tower.
has a bar, restaurant, swimming pool, gym etc - Pyongyang














dprk1366A week's gone by so I'm back on the train - Pyongyang train station









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dprk1367The Pyongyang-Beijing train runs four times a week and takes around 24 hours. Foreigners and important North Koreans heading for China all sit in a coach separated from the masses. The international section is detached at Sinuiju and continues to Beijing - Pyongyang



dprk1368aHats resting outside the guardsroom. I've taken the train on four occasions and this was the first time I was able to walk through the '1st class' coach full of North Koreans, on my way to the (freezing) restaurant. I think this coach was also detached at Sinuiju - Pyongyang



dprk1369The train makes its way through Pyongyang, passing the ice rink














dprk1371This take on the Ryugyong Hotel shows one section not covered with glass - Pyongyang














dprk1374North Korean countryside on the train ride from Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1379Apartment blocks - Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1380What looks like a 4x4 driving through town - Pyongyang to Dandong














dprk1381In a country lacking machinery, cows and oxen are vital to farming - Pyongyang to Dandong














dprk1383An elderly man shoulders buckets, maybe filled with water or some form of fuel - Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1386Ploughing the land in sub-zero temperatures - Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1385A UN March 2011 press release said vaccinations and equipment to contain Foot and Mouth outbreaks were required in North Korea - Pyongyang to Dandong













dprk1389Taking a break - Pyongyang to Dandong















dprk1391'Public transport' can take many different guises in North Korea - Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1392Cycling is probably the most common means of transport - Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1393Naturally tractors require fuel and maintenance - Pyongyang to Dandong














dprk1394Taking care of his goat herd - Pyongyang to Dandong















dprk1395I think a spot of rail maintenance was taking place here - Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1400Disembarking the train on the way from Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1401Soldiers marching along a country road - Pyongyang to Dandong















dprk1403Another rural village - Pyongyang to Dandong













dprk1405These guys waved back to us with a smile - Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1407Aid agencies were reporting food shortages again, in February 2011 - Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1409Farmland propaganda signs - Pyongyang to Dandong














dprk1410Hard to read I know but get in touch if you have an idea what the red flags may say - Pyongyang to Dandong















dprk1411Carts laden with fir trees return to their village - Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1414Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1416A crowd looks out from behind the doors at this train station - Pyongyang to Dandong














dprk1418Watchtowers are placed either side of train stations, usually with a guard on watch - Pyongyang to Dandong














dprk1421Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1422Ox and carts are a common sight in the countryside - Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1425I wonder if these are military vehicles - Pyongyang to Dandong














dprk1426Hanging around waiting for the bus to depart - Pyongyang to Dandong














dprk1427A couple of guys make themselves comfortable on a pile of sandbags - Pyongyang to Dandong



dprk1428Children look on as water is collected from a well - Pyongyang to Dandong



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