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Location - North East Asia; Capital - Pyongyang; Population - 24 million; Currency - North Korean Won MORE NORTH KOREA

On the second day of the tour we headed to the May Day Stadium for the magnificent Mass Games. In 2009 tickets ranged from 80 to 150 Euros. I plumped for the expensive option, which are very central. The 80 Euro tickets were only a few metres away - Pyongyang


dprknote35 North Korean Won










dprk66The Mass Games are a synchronised dance & gymnastic performance by 100,000 participants, with an additional 20,000 students comprising the moving mosaic behind - Pyongyang


My YouTube video of the mosaic backdrop


dprk70It usually takes place between August and October every year - Pyongyang

My YouTube video here





dprk77The Games tell the story of North Korea's struggle against Japanese occupation, the Korean War, the prosperity of North Korea as a nation, and the hope for reunification with South Korea - Pyongyang














dprk84Rehearsals take place months before the August opening - Pyongyang






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dprk87Act 1 is titled Arirang Nation - Pyongyang



dprk89Most of the Mass Games consist of locals, coming in from other towns and cities aswell as Pyongyang. I guess they pay a bit less than 80 Euros - Pyongyang


A State of Mind is a documentary film following 2 schoolgirls participating in the Mass Games

This YouTube video shows excerpts from the film



dprk93Dancing in the colours of the North Korean flag - Pyongyang















dprk95Students in the mosaic backdrop change their coloured books. As Rolf Harris would say 'Can you guess what it is yet?' - Pyongyang









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dprk96..It's a gun of course - Pyongyang



dprk98There's lots of propaganda posters for sale similar to thise mosaic. They make great souvenirs - Pyongyang



dprk99A close up - Mass Games, Pyongyang
















dprk100The Games include dancers, acrobats, gymnasts, jugglers, musicians..Pyongyang















dprk104North Korea has a Military First policy known as Songun. This means that the army comes first in the allocation of national resources and affairs of the state - Pyongyang

My YouTube video here



dprk108The whole crowd stood to the image of Kim Il Sung and applauded. We followed suit - Pyongyang



dprk113Brilliant colours signal the kids' turn to strut their stuff - Pyongyang

My YouTube video here















dprk114Mass Games, Pyongyang
















dprk118Pigs, rabbits etc - a celebration of wildlife or food? Mass Games, Pyongyang



dprk121Mass Games, Pyongyang



dprk123Live singing at the Mass Games, Pyongyang
















dprk124Mass Games, Pyongyang
















dprk126The acrobats and circus acts get their turn - Mass Games, Pyongyang



dprk131As mentioned before, 2012 is a very significant date in North Korea (and probably a great time to visit) when they will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung's birth - Pyongyang



dprk136A huge North Korean flag is waved during Act 4's Arirang of Reunification - Mass Games, Pyongyang
















dprk149These women form the shape of a reunified Korea - Pyongyang
















dprk152Dancers surrounding a reunified Korea - Mass Games, Pyongyang

Motorbike acrobatics here on YouTube



dprk154Mass Games, Pyongyang



dprk156The epilogue is known as the Arirang of Great Prosperity - Mass Games, Pyongyang
















dprk157A spotlight is shone over Korea - Mass Games, Pyongyang


My YouTube video here














dprk159Mass Games, Pyongyang



dprk162Say goodbye and farewell to the Mass Games - Pyongyang



dprk835All North Koreans must wear a badge displaying Kim Il Sung and/or Kim Jong Il. I only ever saw the former, plus one badge that combined both, but not the latter only - Pyongyang















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