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Location - North East Asia; Capital - Pyongyang; Population - 24 million; Currency - North Korean Won MORE NORTH KOREA

Next up was a visit to Kumsusan Memorial Palace before leaving Pyongyang behind and heading south to Sariwon, Sinchon and an overnight stay at Kaesong - September 2009.


dprknote6The 500 Won note displays Kumsusan Memorial Palace











dprk180Posing in front of the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, Pyongyang



dprk182A picture of Kim Il Sung appears on Kumsusan Memorial Palace, his residence in life and death - Pyongyang




dprk175A memorable experience is visiting the embalmed body of Kim Il Sung. Though sombre and grey the Palace is extremely lavish, and compared to Mao, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh is on a grand scale - Pyongyang


My YouTube video here













dprk167It was a Sunday and many North Koreans were visiting - Kumsusan Memorial Palace, Pyongyang










dprk187One of our guides Tsung (or 'Jong') looking lovely in traditional dress at Kumsusan Memorial Palace, Pyongyang



dprk199On Mt Taesong is the Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery, Pyongyang
















dprk195As the name suggests the cemetery is dedicated to those who fought for independence - Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery, Pyongyang















dprk200I think this is the younger brother of Kim Il Sung - Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery, Pyongyang



dprk201Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery, Pyongyang



dprk202Kim Jong Suk, the first wife of Kim Il Sung and mother of Kim Jong Il, lies at the top of the Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery - Pyongyang




















dprk205One of the many souvenir shops we went to. We were all hungry for North Korea memorabilia! Pyongyang



dprk206One of many propaganda posters in Pyongyang and North Korea



dprk207A woman climbs the back of a trolleybus to perform a quick repair job to linking cables - Pyongyang















dprk208150 is a reference to agricultural quotas produced in 150 days.
The winged horse Chollima (see page 1) refers to amazing speed.
Put the two together and you get big quotas! Pyongyang


Info on the '150 day battle' here











dprk209The obligatory revolving restaurant, this one being at Yanggakdo Hotel. The Koryo Hotel has two and the Ryugyong is said to have one aswell - Pyongyang



dprk211Looking down on the Taedong River, Pyongyang



dprk213There's a fair amount of traffic in Pyongyang but as soon as we left the capital the streets emptied. Locals need a permit to leave their district - Pyongyang to Sariwon















dprk217Sariwon is about 65kms south of Pyongyang



dprk220I guess this is a Korean version of draughts. In the background right is our cameraman who filmed our whole trip - Sariwon



dprk219Shooting targets at a Sariwon games area
















dprk228The area we walked around is known as Folk Street and contains various temples and pavilions. An artificial lake is located in the centre of Sariwon.















dprk225Taking a break at the lake's edge - Sariwon



dprk227There's quite a few local men trying their luck at fishing - Sariwon



dprk216And no village/town/city would be complete without an image of the Great Leader himself - Sariwon
















dprk233Our Sariwon guides in national dress




















dprk SariwonWe 'stumbled' across a couple who had just got married. After 9 days in the country it was hard to tell what was real and what was staged, and many of us became cynical. Who knows? I wish the couple all the best! Sariwon



dprk232A mosaic mural depicting 15th century rulers - Sariwon



dprk234Mosaic mural, Sariwon

















dprk237We made our way up to this lookout point above Sariwon



















dprk238Nice to meet you - on the way up Mt Kyongam, Sariwon



dprk244The view of Sariwon from halfway up Mt Kyongam



dprk247A few boats were out on Sariwon's central lake















dprk249An irrigation canal feeds the rice fields on the outskirts of Sariwon
















dprk250Having a taste of makodi, an alcoholic drink brewed from rice. It's got a strong fermentation taste, mixed with cider - Sariwon



dprk254After Sariwon we were back on the bus and on our way to Sinchon to visit the Sinchon Museum















dprk253Sinchon Museum exhibits the 'barbaric atrocities of the US imperialists in Korea' which covers the General Sherman incident to the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War (aka Korean War) - Sinchon














dprk260As you can see it's another exercise in propaganda. All countries are guilty of propaganda (the US themselves being a culprit) but this takes it to a new level - Sinchon



dprk261Looking out from an upstairs room I noticed a roof covered with drying-out maize - Sinchon



dprk251A painting outside the Museum says 'Let's take revenge on the Yankees 1000 times' - Sinchon



















dprk252Flailing Japanese and Americans next to the statement 'Let's drive out the imperialists and unify the country' - Sinchon



dprk263In the Sinchon Museum grounds is an air-raid shelter. We were told that 900 locals were trapped inside by American GIs, petrol poured inside and set alight - Sinchon















dprk264The bodies of many people killed were buried here - Sinchon
















dprk265In a shelter a few kms from the Museum a survivor recounts his experience - Sinchon



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