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Location - North East Asia; Capital - Pyongyang; Population - 24 million; Currency - North Korean Won MORE NORTH KOREA

We had a ride on the Pyongyang metro, lunch on the Taedong River and drove down to Chongsangri cooperative farm on our way to Nampo - September 2009.


dprknote7200 North Korean Won











dprk459Heading for Rehabilitation station on the Pyongyang Metro, Pyongyang



dprk461Our guide Lim explains the Pyongyang Metro. The map indicates the existence of 2 lines and 15 stations. Foreigners can only ever see two, Rehabilitation and Glory - Pyongyang





dprk463Down, down and deeper down. The 110 metre deep metro doubles as a nuclear bunker - Pyongyang















dprk465Rumours abound that the commuters are just 'actors'. It all looked real to me, though others noticed no-one going in or coming out of Glory station once we left. Maybe power shortages restrict it's operation?








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dprk468A train leaves Rehabilitation ('Puhung' in Korean) - Pyongyang



dprk467You can't escape him. A mural of the Great Leader at Rehabilitation - Pyongyang Metro


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dprk469A mural on the Pyongyang metro
















dprk471They're on the metro aswell - Pyongyang




















dprk470Kim Il Sung on the left, Kim Jong Il on the right - Pyongyang metro



dprk473Glory station is an impressive station. As we were leaving the souvenirs appeared on a makeshift table. As tour itineraries are all planned out they certainly knew we were coming - Pyongyang



dprk475Exiting Glory Station. The wording of the poster behind is 'Let us strengthen the single hearted unity' - Pyongyang




















dprk477 There's plenty of trams in Pyongyang, along with buses, trolleybuses, trucks, bicycles and, of course, walking - Pyongyang














dprk480The job of a traffic girl is a coveted one, and apparently only beautiful women aged 18-21 are eligible. There were a few traffic men aswell - I don't know if the same rules apply (yeah right) - Pyongyang.
In the background left, is a blue-and-white stall, most of which sold drinks, snacks or ice-cream.



dprk482Their movements are very disciplined, similar to soldiers in a changing of the guard ceremony. But wave at them and they smile and wave back - Pyongyang



dprk486Lunchtime onboard the Pyongyang Number 1 Boat, Pyongyang















dprk489Luckily the boat went on a mini-cruise along the Taedong River - Pyongyang















dprk491Locals enjoying the water in rowing boats - Pyongyang



dprk492The Taedong Bridge and Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang



dprk493The boat passes the Tower of the Juche Idea, a 170-metre tall tower, Pyongyang















dprk495The tower is crowned with a 20-metre high torch - Pyongyang





















dprk Juche TowerThe group pose in front of the Tower of the Juche Idea, Pyongyang



dprk498This family asked some of the group to pose for photos. They said thankyou in Russian - Pyongyang



dprk502The Tower of the Juche Idea as seen from Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang















dprk505The Grand People's Study House stands at the end of Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang



dprk506Behind me are 2 women cleaning a wall with toothbrushes, Pyongyang



dprk500A government building on Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang.
The square is used for military parades and processions.















dprk504Korean Central History Museum on Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang
















dprk508Heading for Chongsangri Farm we drive on the 5-lane Youth Hero Highway. We could park in the middle without danger - Pyongyang to Chongsangri



dprk529aCorn lines the roadside at the Chongsangri Cooperative Farm















dprk529The rice fields of Chongsangri Cooperative Farm















dprk521Children at Chongsangri Cooperative Farm sing their way to school registration

My YouTube video here



dprk514As expected at a model farm there's a museum to show how marvellous it is. Kim Il Sung appeared at the farm in order to provide some on-the-spot guidance - Chongsangri Cooperative Farm



dprk515Propaganda poster at Chongsangri Cooperative Farm















dprk517A glass cabinet holds rice that Kim Il Sung 'observed'. I had to double check that with the guide! Chongsangri Cooperative Farm














dprk518More on-the-spot guidance from the Kims - Chongsangri Cooperative Farm



dprk525Workers separate the corn from the cobs at Chongsangri Cooperative Farm



dprk527And the chickens help themselves - Chongsangri Cooperative Farm














dprk528I asked what the bags said: apparently 'Made in China'.
Maybe something was lost in tanslation - Chongsangri Cooperative Farm














dprk530At the entrance to the Chongsangri Cooperative Farm nursery



dprk531Chongsangri Cooperative Farm nursery. Should I mention the marijuana plants growing in the nursery grounds? Maybe not..



dprk534The children sing along with their teacher at the nursery - Chongsangri Cooperative Farm















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