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Location - North East Asia; Capital - Pyongyang; Population - 24 million; Currency - North Korean Won MORE NORTH KOREA

September 9th 2009 marked National Day and the 61st anniversary of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. A mass dance in Pyongyang was part of the celebrations.


dprknote5Kim Il Sung on the 1000 Won note










dprk659It's all about timing and I got this one spot on. A child mimics the Kims, providing us foreigners some on-the-spot guidance beneath the Workers' Party of Korea monument - Pyongyang



dprk639The Workers' Party of Korea monument, or Monument to Party Founding, is made up of a hammer and sickle with an artist's brush between them - Pyongyang



dprk638The three sculptures represent the workers, peasants and intellectuals of the nation - Pyongyang















dprk639aThe Workers' Party of Korea monument was unveiled in 1995 - Pyongyang









dprk640Carvings on the monument's circular interior - Pyongyang



dprk655Hundreds of North Koreans perform a mass dance beneath the monument to mark National Day - Pyongyang




dprk646Women in national dress and men in shirt & tie perform several dances to music blaring through a van's loudspeakers - Pyongyang


My YouTube video here













dprk648And we also get involved. Luckily I don't have a photo to hand - Pyongyang











 $600 Bonus


dprk650The '9.9' sign refers to the date, 9th September, rather than my Strictly Come Dancing rating - Pyongyang



dprk644bMaybe there's thousands of participants rather than hundreds - mass dance evening, Pyongyang



dprk653Mass dance evening on National Day, Pyongyang
















dprk658The sun sets on the mass dance, Pyongyang



dprk642The Workers' Party of Korea monument at sunset, Pyongyang



dprk661A familiar painting in a Pyongyang souvenir shop - the Kims at Mt Paekdu















dprk664It may seem a small thing but I think we were very fortunate to be able to walk through Pyongyang in the late evening, with many monuments lit up and fountains in full flow for National Day - Pyongyang



dprk663Pyongyang ice rink



dprk667More flags on the occasion of National Day, Pyongyang
















dprk668People's Palace of Culture, Pyongyang

















dprk669People's Palace of Culture, Pyongyang



dprk670Stretching neck muscles at the base of Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang



dprk671From the hotel, National Day was the first time I'd seen the bridges and the People's Palace of Culture (left) lit up - Pyongyang















dprk671aTower of the Juche Idea, Pyongyang
















dprk672The May Day stadium, Tower of the Juche Idea and Taedong River bridges on National Day, Pyongyang



dprk675The tour group's mobile phones are wrapped in brown paper, officially stamped and then sealed. Open at your peril! Pyongyang



dprk677This was the only advert I saw, outside Pyongyang train station.
I've seen an online video of Taedonggang beer but didn't come across it in North Korea. Ushers Brewery - from Trowbridge to Pyongyang.













dprk678A poster outside the train station, Pyongyang


















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