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Location - North East Asia; Capital - Pyongyang; Population - 24 million; Currency - North Korean Won MORE NORTH KOREA

Some of our group departed North Korea at this point. The rest of us had a couple more days to explore the east coast - September 2009.


dprknote1The Tower of the Juche Idea appears on the 50 Won note










dprk680Major road traffic on the way from Pyongyang to Wonsan



dprk681Working in the rice fields - Pyongyang to Wonsan



dprk685We break up the journey at Sinphyong Tea House - Pyongyang to Wonsan







dprk686Picturesque scenery surrounds Sinphyong Tea House - Pyongyang to Wonsan






dprk687Sinphyong Tea House - Pyongyang to Wonsan





dprk689At the Songdowon Tourist Hotel in Wonsan we cooked duck and beef on red hot stones. Okay they're grey but you know what I mean.














dprk693More 'on-the-spot guidance' from the Great Leader. Hotel reception, Wonsan















dprk750The view from the Songdowon Hotel, Wonsan


dprk752Local men fishing on the waterfront, Wonsan $600 Bonus


dprk695A rural scene on the drive from Wonsan to Chonsam Cooperative Farm
















dprk699Our guide explains the marvel that is Chonsam Cooperative Farm



dprk701A passing ox and cart - Chonsam Cooperative Farm



dprk704This guy walked up and down several times, as if just for photo opportunities.
I've not seen The Truman Show but it sounds a bit like North Korea at times.. Chonsam Cooperative Farm














dprk707Chonsam Cooperative Farm















dprk708A film poster at the cooperative's cinema - Chonsam Cooperative Farm



dprk698Everyone's happy in a paddy field - Chonsam Cooperative Farm



dprk716The farm is known for its production of the Japanese Persimmon fruit, also called Kaki.
If chemically ripened it's commonly known as Sharon Fruit - Chonsam Cooperative Farm















dprk717Our guide recounted the story of when Kim Il Sung visited and correctly identified that there were 8000 pieces of fruit on a particular tree. Amazing. Chonsam Cooperative Farm














dprk719Chonsam Cooperative Farm



dprk718Posing for photos at Chonsam Cooperative Farm



dprk709Another reference to the 150-day agricultural quotas - Chonsam Cooperative Farm















dprk712Singing and dancing at the cooperative school, Chonsam Cooperative Farm



dprk715Playground aeroplanes bear the national flag - Chonsam Cooperative Farm



dprk720Watching and listening at Chonsam Cooperative Farm




















dprk723Back at Wonsan we visited the place where Kim Il Sung stayed in 1945 after returning to North Korea at the end of World War II



dprk724The train coach that took him west - Wonsan



dprk727And this is meant to be the actual seat he used on the train - Wonsan















dprk733Students at the Songdowon International Children's Union Camp, Wonsan



dprk735The kids at this school really liked posing for photos and checking themselves out on the digital camera screens - Wonsan



dprk730The Songdowon International Children's Union Camp is both a school and a Summer camp - Wonsan



















dprk737One of the Summer camp's student rooms, complete with TV. The main building had escalators and a computer room. It all looked too good to be true - Wonsan














dprk739Picture frames of the Great and Dear Leader are thicker at the top, helping to reduce reflection - Wonsan



dprk729Songdowon International Children's Union Camp, Wonsan



dprk740Apartheid's alive and well - Wonsan
















dprk741A lovely sunset on a nice sandy beach at Wonsan
















dprk742Songdowon Beach, Wonsan



dprk743Dishing out some very important on-the-spot guidance again - Wonsan. The structure in the distance is (or rather, was) a diving platform.



dprk747Songdowon Hotel, Wonsan
















dprk745Night views from our hotel, Wonsan















dprk762My final Kim Il Sung statue, Wonsan



dprk766..Except for this one - Wonsan



dprk764One of many blue-roofed stalls serving food and drinks - Wonsan















dprk765Reunified Korea - Wonsan
















dprk749Enjoying a drink at the hotel bar in Wonsan



dprk748All things American - Coca Cola, Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the hotel bar in Wonsan



dprk757From the entrance gates to the Songdowon Hotel, Wonsan















dprk760A close up of the same propaganda poster, Wonsan
















dprk766eFlowers lie at the base of the Kim Il Sung statue, Wonsan



dprk769Street scene in Chosong Kjung, a town on the coastal route from Wonsan to Kumgan















dprk775There's a few beaches, and fishing boats, on the road from Wonsan to Kumgang















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