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Location - Middle East; Capital - Muscat; Population - 3 million; Currency - Oman Rial

From Doha I flew to Dubai and took a taxi straight to Oman, in November 2004.


omnoteThe Omani Rial



om1Al-Khandaq Fort in Buraimi, on the UAE/Omani border



om2Al-Hilla Fort, Buraimi


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om4Mutrah corniche and the Gulf of Oman in the picturesque capital of Muscat









om5View of Mutrah from Al-Riyam Park, Muscat









om6Sunset from Al-Riyam Park, Muscat $600 Bonus



om7 16th century Al-Mirani Fort, Muscat








om8Al-Mirani Fort overlooks the entrance to Muscat's harbour















om11There's a lovely beach at the Oman Dive Centre, on the outskirts of Muscat



om13Oman Dive Centre's beach and the Gulf of Oman, Muscat



om14Oman Dive Centre, Muscat















om15Jissah beach is one bay closer to Muscat from the Oman Dive Centre















om16Definitely worth a visit is Nakhal Fort in the town of Nakhal



om1717th century Nakhal Fort



om18Nakhal Fort and the Batinah plain below
















om20Fantastic views of the Hajar Mountains from Nakhal Fort

















om21Date palms lead to the Hajar Mountains, Nakhal



om22Nakhal Fort affords beautiful views of the surrounding countryside



om23On the way from the fort to the hot springs in Nakhal
















om24Another 5 minute walk to the Ath-Thowra hot springs, Nakhal..















om26Water channels run alongside the roads of Nakhal



om25The Ath-Thowra hot springs, Nakhal



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