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Location - Central America; Capital - Panama City; Population - 4 million; Currency - Balboa

My final Central American country was Panama, starting at Bocas del Toro, in December 2001.


pannotePanama uses the US Dollar, but calls it the Balboa.
It has its own coinage, 100 Centavos equalling 1 Balboa.









pan4Playa Larga on Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro archipelago



pan2The town of Bocas del Toro on Isla Colon, north west Panama


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pan3I went to Isla Bastimentos and stayed at Bastimentos village.
My room was broken in to and my camera stolen, so I only have this postcard of Red Frog beach.
It boasts some fine beaches, including Playa Wizard.

Copyright Mark Carr











pan5Parque de Cervantes in David, Panama's 3rd largest city



pan6David is home to the Guaymi Indians, seen at a distance dressed in yellow $600 Bonus



pan7Cerro Punta on the slopes of Baru volcano at about 2100 metres altitude















pan8 Taking a walk beyond Cerro Punta















pan10Boquete village, north of David



pan11There's good views of Baru volcano from Boquete



pan12Las Lajas beach is huge and virtually deserted for several kilometres either side of the beach cabins















pan15New Year's Eve with Laura, Chris and Russ, Las Lajas beach
















pan16The main square and cathedral at Chitre



pan17Fishing boats at El Rompio beach, near Chitre



pan18Villa de los Santos is the site of the signing of Panama's declaration of independence
















pan19Local Indian market in El Valle



pan20El Valle is a village set in a volcanic crater



pan22 I came across a sloth painstakingly trying to cross the road on a blind bend, as I walked to one of El Valle's waterfalls















pan23I was stopping traffic so he wasn't run over.
After half an hour he returned to his original patch, never having crossed the road, but he was very cute to watch! El Valle















pan24One of several waterfalls dotted around El Valle



pan25Santiago Fort at the 16th century town of Portobelo















pan26San Jeronimo Fort at Portobelo
















pan27Captain Henry Morgan was one of several plunderers of this Caribbean town - Portobelo



pan29The colonial area of Panama City, called Casco Viejo
















pan30Casco Viejo, Panama City
















pan31The site of Manual Noriega's Club de Clases y Tropas in Casco Viejo, Panama City



pan32The ruins of Panama Viejo, site of the original Spanish built city, trashed by Henry Morgan in the 17th century, Panama City



pan36The Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal, 10kms north west of Panama City
















pan37The ship has now been lowered to the level of the Pacific Ocean, Panama Canal














pan40They're not all big - being pulled between locks at the Panama Canal



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