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Location - South America; Capital - Lima; Population - 28 million; Currency - Nuevo Sol

It's a short journey from the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca to Peru's, where I arrived at Puno in February 1998.


pernotePeruvian currency - the Nuevo Sol









per1The Floating Islands of the Uros people, Lake Titicaca



per2Floating Islands, Lake Titicaca - they are made from interwoven totora reeds. A very touristy place but enjoyable nonetheless $600 Bonus


per3Lake Titicaca from Puno















per4Another fiesta at Lake Titicaca - this time the Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria, Puno














per5A military parade at Plaza de Armas, Cuzco



per6View of Cuzco city centre (altitude - 3330 metres)



per7The 15th/16th century Inca ruins of Machu Picchu














per8Temple of the Sun, Machu Picchu


















per9Machu Picchu's sundial



per10The Sacred Rock, Machu Picchu



per11A cloud covered Machu Picchu, altitude 2,430 metres















per12Warming up at Aguas Calientes hot springs



per13The train back to Cuzco broke down, resulting in hundreds walking by moonlight through the countryside in search of a truck to take us back.
The scariest bit was crossing a bridge only covered in train sleepers with a raging river below.
This was taken a few metres after the bridge, with a celebratory corn-on-the-cob












per14Washing bowls at the Santa Catalina monastery, Arequipa



per15In the lovely grounds of the Santa Catalina monastery, Arequipa


per17Advert for the luminous, sickly sweet Peruvian drink - Inka Cola, Nazca. I had loads of it













per182000-year-old mummified bodies at Chauchilla cemetery, Nazca














per19Ready for a stomach churning flight over the famous Nazca Lines with Wendy, Agnes and Louise



per21A tall narrow triangular 'trapezoid' at Nazca Lines. The Lines date from 300 BC to 700 AD



per22The Condor at Nazca Lines has a 130 metre wingspan












per23The Astronaut seems the odd one out, as if made by drunks on a big night out.

See his right hand waving - Nazca Lines











per24Pisco town centre



per25The Government Palace, Lima













per26Statue of Pizarro at the Plaza de Armas, Lima














per28At an altitude of 3850 metres, Lake Llanganuco, close to Huaraz - hear the crashing of ice down Mt Huascaran from here



per30Mt Huascaran - 6768 metres high, on the minibus from Huaraz to Yungay


per31The centre of Huaraz













per32This is where I saw the effects of the 1997/98 El Nino for the first time - landslides on the way from Huaraz to Chimbote


per33Water flooded down the mountains, creating a makeshift river. Into the darkness, hours were spent damming up the river so that the bus could get through. It lurched, leaned and crunched its way through. Huaraz to Chimbote



per34Northern Peru was affected by El Nino, but I managed to get to Trujillo. This is Plazuela el Recreo













per35The bus from Trujillo to Piura drove through sugar cane fields as much of the Pan Americana highway had disappeared. No way past here though! A few hours earlier a bridge near Chiclayo collapsed. I joined a chaotic queue for a helicopter that was taking people from one side to the other, but at one point it just didn't come back. Ah well,back to Lima. So close yet so far..



per27So here I am with Shirley, from Lima, waiting for a flight from Lima to Piura


















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