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Location - Caribbean; Capital - San Juan; Population - 4 million; Currency - US Dollar

I flew from Sint Maarten to San Juan in Puerto Rico in May 2001. The island is a commonwealth of the United States, the Puerto Ricans voting against becoming the 51st US state.


puertnoteThe US Dollar










puert2Colonial buildings in the beautiful San Juan old town



puert1San Juan old town - the blue poster says 'Peace for Vieques', alluding to the US military presence in the small island east of Puerto Rico. The military left in 2003



puert3La Fortaleza in old San Juan, from the 16th century
















puert4City Hall in Plaza de Armas, San Juan
















puert516th cenury San Felipe del Morro fort, old San Juan


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puert6Inside San Felipe del Morro fort, old San Juan



puert8I went east to Fajardo and took a boat to Vieques island to see the Bioluminescent Bay















puertbiobayThe water of Bioluminescent Bay contains millions of dinoflagellates which emit light when disturbed.
The photo above was taken with flash so doesn't do it justice. The effect isn't as dramatic as the photo to the right (taken from but gives you an idea















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