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Location - Middle East; Capital - Doha; Population - 900,000; Currency - Qatar Riyal

From Bahrain it's a 25 minute flight to Doha, capital of Qatar, in November 2005.


qatnote The Qatar Riyal










qat2A mosque in central Doha



qat3The 19th century Doha Fort $600 Bonus



qat4Take a lovely walk along Doha's corniche















qat5Oyster and pearl roundabout, Doha















qat6The dhow harbour in Doha Bay



qat8Another decorative roundabout in Doha



qat9The Grand Mosque, with the clocktower to the right, Doha















qat10Heritage House is a converted windtower building, known as a badghir, which directs breezes to cool the inside - Doha















qat11Sword archway, Doha



qat12The blue building on the right is the Al Jazeera broadcasting offices, Doha



qat13Watif souq, Doha
















qat14Taking a dhow to Palm Tree Island in Doha Bay



qat15Coming in to dock at Palm Tree Island



qat16It's possible to walk around Palm Tree Island in 5 minutes.
Locals come to picnic and relax with the family















qat17The beach at Palm Tree Island
















qat18A dhow arrives at Palm Tree Island, with Doha in the background



qat20A mosque at Al-Wakrah, south of Doha















qat24Jeff, Monica, Arianna and Ottman in the desert near Mesaieed, on a drive to the inland sea at Khor al-Adaid



qat22It's an enjoyable rollercoaster drive over the dunes to Khor al-Adaid



qat27Looking down from the sand dunes at the inland sea, Khor al-Adaid















qat29The inland sea at Khor al-Adaid

















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