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Location - Eastern Europe/North Asia; Capital - Moscow; Population - 143 million; Currency - Russian Rouble MORE RUSSIA

Eventually we left the Mongolia/Russia border and the Trans-Mongolian linked up with the Trans-Siberian line to Irkutsk in Siberian Russia - September 2009.


russianote150 Russian Roubles











russia2Heading away from the border at Naushki and on to Irkutsk $600 Bonus



russia15Irkutsk is in Siberian Russia and is the closest city to Lake Baikal
















russia3A Soviet missile launcher sits outside Dom Ofitserov museum, Irkutsk
















russia6The Decembrists were a group of upper class rebels who attempted to overthrow Tsar Nicholas I in December 1825 in St Petersburg. When they failed, some were executed and many sentenced to hard labour in Siberia. This is Maria Volkonskaya's house, who followed her husband into Siberian exile - Irkutsk.



russia7Siberia is known for its traditional wooden houses - Irkutsk


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russia9A small area of wooden houses lies close to the bus station - Irkutsk















russia10Vladimir Lenin stands on ul-Lenina, Irkutsk
















russia16The eternal flame is a World War II memorial (the part of WWII from 1941-1945 after Germany invaded the Soviet Union is known in Russia as the Great Patriotic War) - Irkutsk


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russia19Next to the Angara River is Bogoyavlensky Cathedral - Irkutsk




russia23'Irkutsk 350' in Cyrillic. I'm guessing it refers to the 350th anniversary of the founding of the city, though that's a few years ago now (1651-2001) - Irkutsk















russia24The 18th century Raising of the Cross Church, Irkutsk

















russia26Dining out with fellow trans-Siberian travellers at a restaurant in Irkutsk



russia29Listvyanka and Lake Baikal are just over an hour's bus drive from Irkutsk















russia31Canoers ride past a ship's hull at Listvyanka, Lake Baikal
















russia33At 1637 metres, beautiful Lake Baikal is the world's deepest lake



russia35It contains about 20% of the world's freshwater supplies - Lake Baikal



russia36The Listvyanka hills surrounding Lake Baikal















russia37Boat jetty, Lake Baikal
















russia39A snow covered trail leads to a superb lookout point above Lake Baikal



russia41Halfway up the trail - Lake Baikal



russia51A magnificent view of Lake Baikal and the Hamar Daban mountains















russia45The Hamar Daban mountains - Lake Baikal
















russia43The Angara River flows out of Lake Baikal and on the oppsite side of the river from Listvyanka is Port Baikal



russia53Good luck ribbons wrapped around the lookout point at Listvyanka, Lake Baikal



russia58On the Trans-Siberian from Irkutsk to Tomsk we met some very friendly Russians, including Christian, a biology student living in Novosibirsk, and a vodka-plying Yuri, coming back from engineering work in eastern Siberia.
By the way this carriage is platskartny, or 3rd class.














russia82From our central hotel in Tomsk we had a great view of the FC Tomsk stadium next door. More useful when they're playing though..



russia84Next to FC Tomsk is a funfair - Tomsk



russia62On the banks of the River Tom is a World War II Memorial, Tomsk















russia63The World War II mother-and-son memorial, Tomsk
















russia59A traditional Siberian wooden house in Tomsk



russia67A very lopsided wooden house - Tomsk



russia85Fine wooden-lace architecture, Tomsk




















russia89The Oppression Museum was formerly a prison used by the NKVD who later became the feared KGB - Tomsk


Wikipedia entries for the NKVD here and the Gulag system of forced-labour camps here













russia92The NKVD was responsible for state security. It ran the Gulag forced-labour camps and suppressed resistance movements by way of executions and assassinations - Oppression Museum, Tomsk



russia90A memorial inside the Oppression Museum, Tomsk




















russia69 Just outside the museum is a monument to the 'Victims of Stalinist Repression' - Tomsk















russia70In the park outside the Oppression Museum, Tomsk



russia72Hundreds of lovers' padlocks are chained to the railings at Ploshchad Lenina (Lenin Square) - Tomsk



russia74Lenin directs the traffic at Lenin Square, Tomsk
















russia75The 18th century Epiphany Cathedral is just off Lenin Square, Tomsk















russia78Climb the lookout tower at the Tomsk History Museum, on Resurrection Hill, and get this view of Tomsk



russia80The huge belltower at Voznesenskaya Church, Tomsk



russia86Another example of wooden architecture is the Russian-German House, a German cultural centre - Tomsk















russia87One more example is also along Ulitsa Krasnoarmenskaya, Tomsk















russia88Walking along Ulitsa Krasnoarmenskaya. Ulitsa means street in Russian - Tomsk



russia94A useless photo of the Europe/Asia marker at km1777 (behind the posts), which marked our crossing into European Russia.
The Siberia marker is at km2102.














russia95Looking out of the window at the Sylva River, about 1500km from Moscow - Trans-Siberian from Tomsk to Moscow
















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