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Location - Eastern Europe/North Asia; Capital - Moscow; Population - 143 million; Currency - Russian Rouble MORE RUSSIA

After a two-and-a-half day Trans-Siberian train from Tomsk, it was a relief to arrive in Moscow - September 2009.


russianote150 Russian Roubles











russia96Fellow passenger Anton stands outside the Trans-Siberian from Tomsk to Moscow



russia97Passing the town of Bogolyubovo, just over 200kms from Moscow, is the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl





russia115Stalin and Lenin side-by-side at the Muzeon Park of Arts, Moscow.

Joseph Stalin was the infamous leader of the Sovier Union from the 1920's until his death in 1953.
His BBC entry here and Wikipedia entry here













russia116Vladimir Lenin was the Bolshevik leader of the 1917 Russian Revolution, in effect overthrowing Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanov dynasty - Muzeon Park of Arts, Moscow

Lenin's BBC entry here and Wikipedia entry here


















russia125Cross the river close to St Peter the Great and arrive at Christ the Saviour Cathedral, a 1997 replica of the original - Moscow



russia124Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Moscow


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russia128A brilliant view at night is from the bridge to Christ the Saviour Cathedral, looking towards the Kremlin - Moscow















russia129Kutafya Tower houses the main entrance to the Kremlin - Moscow
















russia130The Manezh Exhibition Centre sits behind a fountain of sculptured horses - Moscow



russia132Walk beneath a water-arch in Moscow


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russia133A pond close to the Manezh Exhibition Centre, Moscow















russia135 This water feature looks so much better at night - Moscow

















russia136A Kremlin tower juts above the sculptured pond next to Alexandrovsky Gardens in Moscow



russia139GUM, the State Department Store, is a fancy shopping centre on Red Square, Moscow




russia159Inside GUM - Red Square, Moscow
















russia140Red Square, or Krasnaya Ploshchad in Russian, with GUM on the left, the Kremlin on the right and St Basil's Cathedral straight ahead - Moscow















russia143The beautiful towers of St Basil's Cathedral, Red Square - Moscow



russia144St Basil's Cathedral was built in the 16th century on the orders of Ivan the Terrible, who wished to commemorate victory over the Tatars at Kazan - Red Square, Moscow


Ivan the Terrible's Wikipedia entry here



russia148The State History Museum lies at the northern end of Red Square, with the Kremlin to the left - Moscow















russia145Just outside the Kremlin walls in Red Square is Lenin's Mausoleum - Moscow

















russia152The State History Museum as seen from Manezhnaya Square, Moscow



russia155Alexandrovsky Gardens and the Kutafya Tower, Moscow



russia157Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and eternal flame, in honour of WWII dead, outside the Kremlin in Alexandrovsky Gardens - Moscow















russia161Everyone's heading to St Basil's Cathedral - Moscow

















russia164Pokrovsky Cathedral, popularly known as St Basil's Cathedral, is a Russian Orthodox cathedral - Moscow



russia165St Basil is a Russian Orthodox saint who is buried in the cathedral - Moscow



russia166St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow




















russia173There are several churches inside St Basil's Cathedral - Moscow



russia174Looking out to Red Square from a St Basil's Cathedral window - Moscow



russia176St Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum and the Kremlin at Red Square, Moscow















russia98The Arbat is a pedestrianised shopping district in central Moscow
















russia103Gorky Park (Park Kultury) is an amusement park made famous by a book and film of the same name - Moscow



russia104A test unit from the Buran space shuttle programme at Gorky Park, Moscow



russia106The massive Peter the Great statue on the Moscow River, Moscow




















russia115Peter the Great, or Peter I of Russia, was ruler of Russia and the Russian Empire in the late 17th/early 18th century - Moscow




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