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Location - Eastern Europe/North Asia; Capital - Moscow; Population - 143 million; Currency - Russian Rouble MORE RUSSIA

After a tedious day crossing the China/Russia border at Manzhouli/Zabaikalsk I caught another overnight train and headed for Chita - February 2011.


russianote150 Russian Roubles











russia200About the only thing worth taking a photo of at Zabaikalsk is the train station to get out of there $600 Bonus


russia206The 18th century Archangel Michael log church - Chita














russia205Traditional wooden houses can be found throughout Siberia - Chita














russia208The wooden houses can be very ornate (and also very dilapidated, like this one) - Chita



russia204It's got character if not cleanliness - Chita



russia203A cold Siberian dawn in Chita















russia202Across the road from the train station is Chita's cathedral


















russia213Leader of the 1917 Russian Revolution and founder of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, aka Lenin - Chita



russia211It's not just China's Harbin that has ice castles. These guys are dismantling one in Lenin Square - Chita



russia215Lenin Square forms the heart of Chita















russia217I met this friendly couple in a nearby restaurant - Lenin Square, Chita














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russia218In my deerstalker hat, two fleeces, long johns, jeans, Craghoppers etc. And no gloves - Chita



russia220And I met this friendly guy in Lenin Square as well - Chita


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russia241After a 3rd overnight train journey in a row I fancied a bed and shower by the time I arrived at Ulan Ude.
This is a 'luxury' room at the train station, and very nice it was too.













russia221Casually sweeping the snow from the train station roof - Ulan Ude














russia227Ulan Ude, capital of the Buryat republic, is known for having the largest Lenin head in the world



russia225It's located on Ploshchad Sovetov in central Ulan Ude



russia229Yep, it's pretty big - Ulan Ude















russia232Beyond the Opera House on the right is the Triumphal Arch - Ulan Ude














russia233Walking down a pedestrian section of Ul Lenina, the main shopping area of Ulan Ude



russia239The perfect outfit to keep you warm in a Siberian winter - Ulan Ude



russia240 On Ul Lenina is a traditional home of a well-off family - Ulan Ude














russia235At the bottom of Ul Lenina is the 18th century Odigitria Cathedral - Ulan Ude















russia234Close to the cathedral are rows of traditional wooden homes - Ulan Ude



russia243The indigenous Buryats are a Mongol people, and there are several datsans (Buddhist temples) in and around Ulan Ude



russia248 Inside one of the two datsans a few kilometres north of central Ulan Ude














russia249Money, biscuits and a Snickers bar are amongst the offerings - Ulan Ude















russia251Prayer flags attached to a tree - Ulan Ude



russia245The second Buddhist temple in the complex - Ulan Ude


russia254If, like me, you can't get to Ivolginsky Datsan then this complex is definitely worth going to - Ulan Ude














russia256aThe Buryats are noticeably Asian in appearance - Ulan Ude















russia258Prayer flags are tied to trees all over the Buddhist complex - Ulan Ude



russia260 I met a great bunch of Russians from Krosnayarsk on the 61hour Trans-Siberian from Ulan Ude to Yekaterinburg














russia259These guys had been skiing and snowboarding at Lake Baikal - Trans-Siberian from Ulan Ude to Yekaterinburg














russia261A not very good photo of the dachas (small holiday homes in the countryside) that city folk retreat to for a weekend - Trans-Siberian from Ulan Ude to Yekaterinburg



russia264Train station stall-owners load their 'ski trolleys' with drinks, beer and snacks to greet passengers - Trans-Siberian from Ulan Ude to Yekaterinburg



russia266I arrived at Yekaterinburg at some silly time like 4.30 in the morning














russia289A wooden house on Ul Proletarskaya, Yekaterinburg















russia314'Love padlocks' chained to the railings above Iset River, which heads towards the TV Tower - Yekaterinburg



russia315A statue of the founders of the city stand behind a water tower on Prospekt Lenina - Yekaterinburg



russia318The mist is actually steam rising from the drains on a -22°C evening in Yekaterinburg














russia319The Afghan War Memorial lies next to the Military History Museum - Yekaterinburg














russia322The Soviet Union waged a war with Afghanistan for much of the 1980s - Yekaterinburg


russia330Inside the Military History Museum is a small section dedicated to the U2 incident. In 1960 an American U2 spy plane was shot down south of Yekaterinburg. Initially the US denied the plane's existence, not knowing that pilot Gary Powers had bailed out and was still alive, captured by the Soviets. Above are some of the remains - Yekaterinburg



russia335A church on Ul Maysheva, just west of the Iset River - Yekaterinburg



















russia336A statue of Lenin stands opposite the City Hall - Yekaterinburg














russia339Yekaterinburg's most famous son, former governor of the city and first president of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin



russia340It wasn't easy climbing these steps. And 'climbing' was the right word! Yekaterinburg

















russia341Snow graffiti on the frozen waters of the Iset River - Yekaterinburg



russia291I thought he was dead - Demis Roussos plays Yekaterinburg



russia311The early 19th century Rastorguev-Kharitonov Mansion - Yekaterinburg














russia294aThe Church of the Blood is built on the site where Tsar Nicholas II and his family were murdered in 1918 - Yekaterinburg














russia296aThe Romanov family were killed, supposedly on the orders of the Bolshevik government, soon after the Russian Revolution of 1917 - Yekaterinburg



russia301Also in the Romanov death site is a chapel dedicated to the Grand Princess Yelizaveta Fyodorovna, who was also murdered - Yekaterinburg



russia304The original house in which the royal family were executed was destroyed on the orders of then-governor Boris Yeltsin in 1977 - Yekaterinburg














russia309The Romanov family was canonized in 1981 as martyrs - Yekaterinburg














russia310The Church of the Blood - Yekaterinburg



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