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Location - East/Central Africa; Capital - Kigali; Population - 10 million; Currency - Rwanda Franc MORE RWANDA

From Kampala, Uganda we took a bus direct to Kigali, in December 2007.


rwandnote1000 Rwandan Francs










rwand18Nyamirambo mosque in the Muslim quarter of Kigali



rwand17Selling fruit in the Nyamirambo area - Kigali




rwand2Kigali city centre
















rwand6The Kigali Memorial Centre is a memorial to the 1994 genocide.
It is the resting place for around 250,000 people who died in Kigali and surrounds - Kigali

The museum is excellent and well worth visiting.














rwand5The wall of names has a long way to go to be completed - Kigali Memorial Centre, Kigali



rwand8The Kigali Memorial Centre houses a museum, gardens and a documentation centre



rwand9Mass graves in the Kigali Memorial Centre - Kigali

Between 800,000 and 1 million people were killed in Rwanda over a period of only 100 days, starting in April 1994.














I've read 2 very informative books about the genocide -

Season Of Blood: A Rwandan Journey by Fergal Keane

We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed Along With Our Families by Philip Gourevitch

- Shake Hands With The Devil by Romeo Dallaire, the UN Force Commander in Rwanda from 1993, is also meant to be a very good account



rwand12Part of the memorial gardens - Kigali

Visit the Kigali Memorial Centre website here

The Centre was established in partnership with the Aegis Trust















rwand7View of Kigali from the Memorial Centre



rwand20Walking along Rue de la Securite, just north of Nyamirambo mosque, we saw the amazing sight of hundreds of bats clinging to the trees, in broad daylight - Kigali


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rwand22Rue de la Securite - Kigali



















rwand22aA spot of construction work on Rue Kalisimbi - central Kigali



rwand16The influence of football and the English Premiership shows itself in Kigali



rwand25Hotel des Milles Collines and it's assistant manager at the time of the genocide, Paul Rusesabagina, were the inspiration for the film Hotel Rwanda - Kigali

More about Paul Rusesabagina here

More about Hotel Rwanda here













rwand31The view from the top floor restaurant at Hotel des Milles Collines - Kigali









rwand32Swimming pool at Hotel des Milles Collines - Kigali



rwand29Night time view from Hotel des Milles Collines, Kigali



rwand33The site of Radio Rwanda.
I'm not sure whether this was the location of the former station RTLM, aka Hate Radio, which broadcast Hutu Power propaganda at the time of the genocide - Kigali

RTLM explained here













rwand35Ecole Technique Officielle was the setting for the film Shooting Dogs - Kigali

More here

Shooting Dogs official website here






rwand58Motel Bella is a colonial house close to the shores of Lake Kivu in Gisenyi, north west Rwanda



rwand70Motel Bella's gardens, leading to Lake Kivu - Gisenyi



rwand62The beach outside Hotel Kivu Sun - Gisenyi

















rwand65Lake Kivu and Gisenyi's beach, with the DR Congo town of Goma stretching westwards

















rwand66The cacti get pretty big in Rwanda, Gisenyi



rwand40The DR Congo border is a short walk from Hotel Bella in Gisenyi - this photos shows the outskirts of Goma, close to the border


drcongonote100 DR Congo Francs










rwand55A very active Nyiragongo volcano, in DR Congo - Gisenyi

















rwand61The grounds of Jamila Beach between Gisenyi and Rubona.
Jamila is the very amiable owner of Motel Bella in Gisenyi.
In December 2007 she was a few months away from opening Jamila Beach.














rwand45We'd pop over to Jamila Beach for a day out - Gisenyi



rwand46Lunchtime overlooking Lake Kivu at Jamila Beach, with Marie (working for the UN in Goma), my friend Christina, and Jamila - Gisenyi



rwand59The gardens of Jamila Beach - Gisenyi.
Email her at for more info about Jamila Beach.




















rwand52These fishing boats at Rubona are linked together for stability - Gisenyi

















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