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Location - Western Europe; Capital - San Marino; Population - 31,000; Currency - Euro

From Rimini in Italy it's a short coach ride to the principality of San Marino, the capital of which has a great location on the top of 755 metre Mount Titano - May 2010.


euroSan Marino uses the Euro.
It produces it's own Euro coins, which are on sale for higher than their value in the tourist shops.









sanmarinonoteEuro notes aren't specific to each member state but the coins are. This is an San Marino 1 Euro coin










sanmarino146A gorgeous view of the first tower, or Guaita Fortress, overlooking the Sammarinese town of Borgo Maggiore - San Marino



sanmarino153The lights can be seen all the way to Rimini on Italy's Adriatic coast - San Marino


sanmarino149The second tower, or Cesta Fortress, rests on the top of Mount Titano - San Marino















sanmarino71The Basilica of Saint Marinus (or San Marino) - San Marino















sanmarino72The old town of San Marino



sanmarino77The first tower - Guaita Fortress - dates back to the 11th century - San Marino



sanmarino79Restoration of the Guaita Fortress revealed 19th century prisoners' graffiti on the walls - San Marino















sanmarino100Guaita Fortress and the Italian plains below - San Marino
















sanmarino104Guaita Fortress, built on Mount Titano, San Marino


sanmarino98Guaita Fortress stands above the Sammarinense town of Borgo Maggiore. Further away is the Adriatic coast - San Marino


sanmarino141A rather angry-looking creature welcomes you to the vampire museum, San Marino















sanmarino81Check out the second tower - Cesta Fortress - from the first tower - San Marino















sanmarino83Cesta Fortress dates to the 13th century - San Marino


sanmarino95Inside the Cesta Fortress, which is also home to the Museum of Hisorical Weapons - San Marino


sanmarino107The third tower, Montale Fortress, can just about be seen here from the second tower - San Marino















sanmarino110The third and final tower, Montale Fortress, operated as a warning tower - San Marino



















sanmarino70There's loads of souvenir shops in San Marino and it gets busy in the day, but I enjoyed it, with its superb views of the plains below - San Marino


sanmarino156And at night the capital is eerily empty. Buses and the cable-car (funivia) closed at 20:00 so I walked down to my hostel in Borgo Maggiore. In the high season, July and August, transport goes on 'til much later so there should be more life at night - San Marino


sanmarino157Guards march the empty capital's streets - San Marino















sanmarino117A stunning view from one of the open-air restaurants near the first tower - San Marino















sanmarino118A square in San Marino's old town


sanmarino120More of the historic old town - San Marino


sanmarino121 Guards outside a government building - San Marino
















sanmarino122Giardino del Liburni - San Marino
















sanmarino126The quiet backstreets of San Marino


sanmarino127Negotiating the many slopes and steps of the old town - San Marino


sanmarino76The Public Palace above the plains - San Marino














sanmarino75The Sammarinese flag flies above the Public Palace - San Marino














sanmarino125The Public Palace from top to bottom - San Marino


sanmarino130The Piazza della Liberta is the square in front of the Palazzo Pubblico (Public Palace) - San Marino


sanmarino131The Public Palace is where the government convenes, as it did on this particular day, which meant that it was closed to the public - San Marino



















sanmarino134One of the Guardia di Rocca, or Fortress Guards, stands outside the Public Palace.
In the high season there's an hourly Changing of the Guard ceremony - San Marino.














sanmarino139Watching the sunlight pierce the clouds from the Piazza della Liberta, San Marino


sanmarino142By early evening the coachloads of tourists had left, leaving a few stalwarts and locals in the old town - San Marino


sanmarino68Get these views standing next to the cable-car to Borgo Maggiore - San Marino















sanmarino65On the cable-car (funivia) to Borgo Maggiore
















sanmarino69The roofs of Borgo Maggiore's old town


sanmarino57The three fortresses of San Marino (third tower on the left, first tower on the right) stand imposingly on Mount Titano, as seen from Borgo Maggiore


sanmarino63The old town of Borgo Maggiore, with cable-car leading to the capital















sanmarino54The lights shine on Guaita Fortress - Borgo Maggiore
















sanmarino48Montale and Cesta fortresses on a rainswept and misty evening - Borgo Maggiore

My YouTube video of the chiming fortress bells and Mount Titano


sanmarino52Montale Fortress, from the slopes of Mount Titano at Borgo Maggiore


sanmarino44'We are Sammarinese' - a poster at Borgo Maggiore















sanmarino37Just outside the Piazza Grande, Borgo Maggiore
















sanmarino9An angel hovers outside a boutique in Serravalle


sanmarino3Steps lead up to Serravalle's clocktower


sanmarino4Write-ups indicate this is Serravalle castle but a local told me the castle has gone, and this is just a clocktower
















sanmarino18There's good views of Mount Titano and San Marino's fortresses from Serravalle















sanmarino6The streets of Serravalle's old town


sanmarino15There's not a lot to see in Domagnano















sanmarino27 But on a clear day it has some of the best views of Mount Titano and the fortresses - Domagnano
















sanmarino32Nature takes over - Domagnano


sanmarino35The Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Blessed Virgin Mary, on the outskirts of Valdragone














sanmarino34A statue in the Sanctuary grounds stands in front of Mount Titano - Valdragone















sanmarino160The main square in Faetano


sanmarino164The Casa del Castello, Faetano


sanmarino166Another rainy, misty day - Faetano















sanmarino165There's not many attractions outside the capital, but if you have time Borgo Maggiore and Serravalle are my picks - Faetano















sanmarino1The now defunct San Marino Grand Prix wasn't held in San Marino but at nearby Imola, in Italy. If you take the train from Bologna to Rimini you'll pass Imola's train station.



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